A book for fans of Fundão’s historical beauty. comes


For lovers of the historical beauty of Fundão. comes a new book

“Vale de Prazeres & Mata da Rainha: Historical Monograph” will make this hidden paradise of Portugal better known.

The Fundão region is attracting more and more people. The reasons are simple: its natural wonders like the Praia Fluvial de Janeiro de Cima and the historical landmarks like the Palácio do Picadeiro and the Igreja da Misericórdia do Fundão. Now comes a new book that will take you to the Beiras region, more precisely to the Vale de Prazeres and Mata da Rainha.

The work was written by Joaquim Candeias da Silva, who studied history and is therefore the ideal person to write a book of this style. “Vale de Prazeres & Mata da Rainha: Historical Monograph” is intended to leave a historical legacy for present and future generations and also to inspire fans and residents of this area, as the publisher explains.

The official presentation of the book will take place on August 1st at 5.30 p.m. in Largo de São Sebastião in Vale de Prazeres, one of the parishes of the municipality.

In addition to the author, the Chamber of Commerce of the Beiras Region will be present at the opening ceremony. Those who cannot attend can also watch the presentation on the Fundão Municipal Council’s Facebook page.