A black widow is invited to the Disney + series

The Disney + Hawkeye series will start filming this week. This is great news for all of the fans who are impatiently waiting to discover this new series on their streaming platform. Since good news never comes alone, a completely different piece of information that has just reached us should also wow fans, as it is a mix of the Black Widow universe and that of Hawkeye that is to come. maybe a little more to strengthen the bonds between the two characters.

Yelena Belova’s story

Do you know Yelena Belova? She is an elite Russian spy with the same level of training as Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow). Like Natasha, Yelena was also known by the name Black Widow (or Black Widow in French) because they were both trained in the same institution as part of the Black Widow program.

Yelena Belova is indeed a longtime friend of Natasha Romanoff. That doesn’t prevent her in the comics from being sent once to kill Natasha. Yelena will not come to terms with this child and will prefer to integrate SHIELD

Black Widow Actress Confirmed in Hawkeye Series

In 2021, actress Florence Pugh, best known for her roles in Midsommar and Daughters of Doctor March, will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She will, in fact, become the interpreter for Yelena Belova, whom she will play for the first time in the film Black Widow.

During San Diego Comic Con in 2019, Florence Pugh also confirms that Yelena and Natasha are very close, and her character even considers Natasha to be her sister. It has to be said that their connection will undoubtedly be specially developed on the screen as it will be the opportunity for Natasha to pass the baton on to Yelena, thus preparing her for future appearances in the MCU. Indeed, given that Florence Pugh is a rising Hollywood star and has been nominated for an Oscar, it would be surprising if Marvel only hired her for one role.

The Hawkeye series

The Hawkeye series, as we’ve already seen, will start production in Brooklyn next week. We already know that the series will allow us to follow the actions of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) as he trains Kate Bishop, and that the series will feature a deaf heroine. Filming for the series was originally scheduled to start in July, but the current pandemic has made things a little complicated. According to The Direct, it is now certain that actress Florence Pugh will repeat her role as Yelena Belova on the Disney + series.

We don’t yet know if the Yelena will be a key figure or, on the contrary, relatively secondary, but her presence in the Hawkeye series makes sense. First, because the relationship between Nathasha and Clint was particularly important within the MCU, and Yelena was able to stand up not as a new contender but as a shoulder to lean on. For example, she could help Clint with Kate Bishop’s education. Then the role of Florence Pugh will obviously take on great importance in the future. So this appearance on the series certainly signals the beginning of a long list of MCU appearances for the actress.

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