90.9: Flensburg with national highest corona incidence | free press


The national incidence continues to rise slightly. Other cities in northern Germany already have significantly higher values. The reason should probably be in part the returnees from vacation.

Kiel (dpa) – Three cities from Schleswig-Holstein currently have the highest corona incidences among German districts and cities.

According to Tuesday night’s figures, Flensburg led the negative list with 90.9, ahead of Kiel with 85.9 and Neum√ľnster with 79.8. In addition, the country was in second place after Hamburg with 46.4 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. “A year ago, that would have been the highest alarm,” infection medicine specialist Helmut Fickenscher told the German News Agency on Wednesday. However, there is now a decent vaccination coverage, the number of serious diseases is low and there are hardly any deaths anymore.

Fickenscher cited the return of many people from vacation and the early start of the new school year in connection with numerous tests as reasons for the sharp increase in the number. “But that can’t explain everything,” says Fickenscher, head of the Institute of Infectious Medicine at the University Hospital in Kiel. “The virus is spreading eagerly among the population in some places.” It is clear that some age groups had little regard for protective measures. Fickenscher linked this to vaccination and distancing.

The first priority should be to promote vaccination as intensively as possible, the doctor emphasized. With 67.1 percent for first vaccinations and 59.0 percent for full protection, the north has the third highest percentage each time.