9 secrets of the game that you absolutely must discover

Before we begin, we have to warn you of one thing: this article does not contain a spoiler per se. We’re just showing you the locations and the storyline that you need to follow in order to start a side quest or so that you can see something worth seeing. That being said, you will learn a lot about the game, so you have to be ready to get a few more pointers on Valhalla so that you can enjoy reading it! After offering 3 skills that will improve your game, we now recommend that you discover some quests and secrets that are more or less well hidden in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Most of them amused us, or at least piqued our curiosity. We hope you feel the same way!

# 1 Codex Pages

After Eivor sets up the invisible office in your colony, he can learn the leap of faith, begin his search for the Order of the Ancients, and help Hytham collect Codex pages. All of these are listed on your quest log, but you seem to be missing the exact coordinates. However, searching for Codex pages is a highlight. Plus, each page is in a place where there is something else that is really, really cool. To find all of these pages and the rewards that come with them, you need to look carefully at your card and ask yourself the right questions, such as: B: Where could those who you do not see have settled? Get to the bottom of things and follow your instincts to get your hands on one of Valhalla’s coolest surprises.

# 2 a very nice pond

There is a pond behind the longhouse of your colony. Head to the edge of the latter for an invitation to add to your brand new home. Don’t thank us!

# 3 zoom in to examine

As you zoom in on your map as much as possible, you will notice some details. For example, you might discover ruins that seem ancient, near an arena or maybe a small town deep in a forest. Or … what appears to be a snake? What will you find in this particular area?

# 4 the importance of communication

Communication is important in life in general and just as important in Valhalla. Don’t hesitate to speak to members of your colony to potentially unlock new quests as well as new skills. This is also a great way to build relationships with specific members of your community. Unlike Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the romances you want to develop in Valhalla will last a little longer. As proof: you have to interrupt one in order to start a new one.

However, you will be able to build a romance within the colony that can potentially get you in trouble as it could point you to the “wrong” ending of Valhalla depending on the choices you make. If you find yourself on this slippery slope, don’t panic: you can always turn things around by making certain decisions about key moments in the game’s story.

# 5 the stonehenge side

We’re sure you could get a rough idea of ​​where the Stonehenge site is using a map of England. No? Okay, there is still Google Maps, the worst case scenario. Are you trying to locate the location in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to find a secret … unless it’s right next to the location? You should visit the caves just by gaining consciousness.

# 6 Layla and the animus

During your walks in England you will cross paths with glitch in the animus, parts of the simulation that wobble. Layla needs to fix them in exchange for parts of a particular video. Every mistake you encounter takes the form of a little sequence between the puzzle and the parkour. However, did you know that Layla can talk to her allies and that they have something to say to each other after every major development in history? Listen and leave her alone a little just to see …

# 7 The mystical lands of East Anglia

Deep in the lands of East Anglia is a small ransacked house. An aura of legend, almost mystical, is in the air. It can’t be said that it is a very welcoming place, but it might be worthwhile to stay for a while. Seasoned players will indeed find a grave nearby as well as something interesting behind a locked door. The door requires 3 keys to be opened …

# 8 the quests related to Valka

We cheated on this a bit as it isn’t really a hidden task, but we definitely had to tell you about it to recommend that you do it asap. This quest is for Valka, the Seer (or Volva) of the Raven clan, whom you leave behind in Norway at the start of the game. Valka will not join your colony in England until it has reached a certain size (and furthermore, your main goal should be to grow it as your starting point). When Valka shows up, it is interesting to quickly build her house. This unlocks a particularly cool quest line that you are sure to love.

# 9 a bear story

Before leaving Norway for England, you may have noticed that there is an area where you need to reach proficiency level 280. If you are ready to run away from angry bears that are visibly upset you might manage to survive in this area despite your current level. Where do you have to go? In the Hordafylke Mountains. You will know you are in the right place when the thunder sounds and will likely scare off the bears who recently licked their chops. If you’ve already left Norway in a rush for your adventure, don’t worry. You can easily come back to it later! Plus, by the time you decide to go back, you will have surely hit performance level 280.

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