9 new books to pack and read on vacation


9 new books to pack and read on vacation

These are all the best-selling works in Portugal, in online bookstores Fnac, Bertrand and Wook.

There is no longer any excuse for not reading a good book this summer.

Relaxed and without the stress of everyday life, the holiday is the time of year when we can really enjoy our reading. When your vacation is around the corner – or you’re already resting – it’s time to think about what you are about to read before you get back to work.

NiT wants to save you searching for the big news of the year and has crawled online bookstores to find the latest (and hottest) news in the world of literature. We have found nine books that are really worth reading and are top sellers by Fnac, Bertrand and Wook.

They have all appeared in the last three months and stand out, for example in “The Midnight Library” by the English writer and journalist Matt Haig. This work was a finalist in the British Book Awards for Best Book in Fiction and won the Goodreads Award for Best Book in Fiction.

The anniversary book, which served as the inspiration for the story of the hero of the French series Lupine (Netflix), “Arsène Lupine, the thief in the cloak” by Maurice Leblanc, appears here as one of the sales highlights. It was edited by Porto Editora and published in April 2021, two months before the second season of the action and mystery series debut on the streaming platform.

These and seven other editorial suggestions are part of NiT’s selection, based on the current conduct of book sales in our country. There are few excuses not to save one (or more) space in the suitcase to take one or half with you a dozen books.

And even if space is tight, there is no excuse, because all of our suggestions are available as e-books.

Then click on the gallery to discover the books that are sure to shape your vacation or leisure time.