9 handy features you didn’t know before Apple updated

The new update for iOS and iPadOS 14 adds a number of new functions to your two devices. From using the back of your phone on the screen to the emoji keyboard, Apple knows how to keep its audience waiting while they wait for the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro release.

# 1 CHANGE your default email address or browser

IOS 14 allows you to use a standard web browser other than Safari. The same applies to the messaging application: you can now select a different e-mail. To do this, go to your iPhone or iPad settings and scroll down where all the installed apps are listed. Select the desired email or browser.

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# 2 Customize the app home screen

You can now adjust the start screen in the settings. For example, you can add new apps to the app library or leave them on the home screen.

# 3 Prohibit recently downloaded apps from your home screen

Add widgets and keep only your essential apps. To do this, open Settings> Home Screen and select Applications Library Only. You can easily find recently downloaded apps in the Recently Added to App Library category.

# 4 The look of an emoji finder

Every time you type on the keyboard, a search bar will appear for you to write what you want to express in symbols. Here’s a quick way to find the emojis you want to send.

# 5 Hidden photos are actually hidden now

Thanks to previous iOS updates, it was possible to hide certain photos or videos. However, the files that you no longer wanted to see were saved in a hidden album in the easy-to-find photos app. IOS 14 allows you to actually hide your photo folders or not without anyone discovering them. To do this, you need to go to Settings> Photos and make sure the Hidden Album feature is disabled. In fact, activating it means that the hidden album will be shown in the Albums tab.

# 6 watch YouTube videos with picture in picture mode

Picture in picture mode allows you to watch videos, for example, during FaceTime calls. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to exit the application. The video is automatically reduced to a floating window. If the YouTube application does not currently consider this feature, you can bypass it by viewing YouTube content in Safari in full screen mode.

# 7 Incorrect eye contact VIA FaceTime

When you’re in FaceTime and visiting a website while on a call, your eyes on your iPhone or iPad may look like they’re looking at the person on the other side of the device.

# 8 The back of the phone is useful too

You can’t stop the progress. If your iPhone screen is touch sensitive, then in 2020 the back of your phone will be touch sensitive too thanks to the tap back feature. Take a screenshot Activate Siri from the back of the iPhone? No problem, if you tap this area two or three times, the phone will take the action configured in the settings.

# 9 Using Apple Pencil, scribble in any text box on your iPad

The iPad has a new feature called Scribble. With Apple Pencil, the iPad basically converts any field into a text field.

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