8 things about Lucius Malfoy that aren’t told in the movie

If you’ve read the Harry Potter books you know that the films are missing a lot of things. It’s hard to put everything into a film and you can’t tell everything. The various directors and screenwriters who worked on the saga therefore had to make certain decisions and remove certain elements of the plot. This allows for fluidity to be gained, but sometimes it’s a shame because small, sharp details allow the character to be better defined. Today we offer you a focus on Lucius Malfoy. You can discover 8 things about Draco’s father that are forgotten in the movies.

1) He claims he was obliged to serve Voldemort

In the films, Lucius Malfoy is known to be a supporter of Voldemort, but no explanation is given of how he got into work at the Ministry of Magic. In the book The Chamber of Secrets, we learn that Lucius claimed to be under the Imperium Curse and that he was forced to commit atrocities for Voldemort. This enabled him to escape from prison, but also to hold a post in the ministry.

2) He asks Draco not to abuse Harry Potter too much

Draco Malfoy hates Harry Potter and he never misses a chance to say that he will complain to his father. But in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Lucius begs his son to behave well with the wizard with glasses. First, because one has to be careful, as many people take inspiration from Harry, but also because the boy is certainly powerful in defeating Voldemort.

3) He doesn’t accept that his son is worse than Hermione

As with Harry, Draco never misses an opportunity to buy his favorite Mudblood, I named Hermione Granger. If Malfoy is so naughty for the Muggleborn, however, it’s because his father pulled up his suspenders because of her. In fact, Lucius does not accept that his son is worse than a mudblood starting magic. Draco, however, believes that Hermione is preferred because of her origins.

4) He wanted Draco to study in Durmstrang

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Malfoy reveals to his classmates that he was about to enter Durmstrang School. His father wanted to send him there because he liked the Mudblood policy better. Narcissa, Malfoy’s mother, finally turned it down because she didn’t want her son to go abroad.

5) He supported Dolores Ombrage

In the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, we know that Dolores Umbridge is supported by the Ministry. What is not being said, however, is that one of Dolores’ greatest ardent defenders is none other than Lucius Malfoy. He even gives an interview during the school year in which he says all the good things he thinks of Dolores Umbridge and shares his belief that this appointment is a sign that Hogwarts is finally going in the right direction.

6) Going to Azkaban brought him to safety

At the end of the Order of the Phoenix, Lucius Malfoy is jailed after attempting to steal the prophecy from the Ministry of Magic. What is not said in the films is that this incarceration allows him not to be punished by Voldemort for his failure. The Dark Lord then decides to punish Lucius by ordering Draco to kill Voldemort in The Half-Blood Prince.

7) He enters the castle to save his son

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Lucius and his wife are only visible outside the castle. In fact, Draco’s parents are returning to Hogwarts during the armistice after the first part of the battle. They go to the common room to find their dear son, who, unlike Fred, Lupine and Tonks, is alive and well.

8) He is present at the ceremonies following Voldemort’s death

This part of the book is completely removed from the films, but we usually attend ceremonies after Voldemort’s death. The Malfoy family is there, despite what they have done. They also feel uncomfortable being around people who were their enemies not so long ago.

So much for these 8 anecdotes about Lucius Malfoy. If you want to keep the fun longer, we recommend discovering or rediscovering 15 details and anecdotes that will make you love Severus Snape even more.

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