8 Scientific Facts That Make Sex Really Complicated


Cosmic coitus is something you don’t always think about, and yet it is difficult to think about anything else when the subject comes to the fore. Can you really have sex in space? Is that even possible and if so, which risks have to be taken into account? Here are 9 scientific facts that you must absolutely keep in mind if you are going to make a good point in a debate on this topic.

1) The lack of FOCAL POINT is the enemy of growth

First of all, you know that as a man it will be very difficult for you to get an erection in space. The lack of gravity actually hinders blood flow to the penis (as well as the extremities in general) and it will therefore have great difficulty straightening up and maintaining this condition over time.

2) a similar problem in women

As with men, women will find it difficult to establish adequate vaginal lubrication for sexual intercourse. The mistake again with the weightlessness. Therefore, if you are just going to start a sexual relationship, you have to hold on to your desire firmly. And believe us, the worst is yet to come.

3) space sickness

In addition to these small initial problems, there is another big problem for most of us: space sickness (or “space adaptation syndrome”). This syndrome occurs in almost half of astronauts in the first few days of their stay in space and causes symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or even drowsiness. A state that is not exactly ideal for establishing an intimate relationship with someone.

4) Ejaculation is difficult

Just like an erection, it can be difficult for male ejaculation to come. This is also due to the weightlessness, which could hypothetically disturb the man during sex. This is all speculative, of course, as NASA has never mentioned a sexual relationship that has already taken place in space. As a result, no documented study on ejaculation could be published.

5) The spaceship is tight

The fact that the spaceship is a cramped place can seriously affect not only your envy (we’ll talk about “lowbido” below) but also your morale and respective achievements, even if you managed to ignore the previous elements mentioned.

6) Lowbido during space travel

We used the term “lowbido” for a very good reason: in all likelihood, you will rarely be aroused during space travel. A previous study showed that testosterone levels drop during space travel. While several hypotheses are currently being considered to explain this phenomenon, none of them are consensual. Don’t worry for our astronauts: Your testosterone level will normalize some time after you return to the dry.

7) Sex would be really exhausting

Not interested in the previous facts and still want to try this crazy experience in space? Know that it takes a lot of effort on top of everything else. Your heart rate would increase rapidly and you would be exhausted in no time. Remember: Your body is starting to shed unnecessary muscle mass that you may have during your stay in weightlessness. To combat this phenomenon, astronauts perform physical activities on a daily basis. Imagine the state you are in on earth and then transfer it to space (you would probably be at least two or three times more exhausted than you were on earth).

8) Belts or straps are required

In order to prevent your partner from lifting off with a simple caress at the other end of the ship, you need to be held together by a set of straps or straps, depending on your preferences, even if this is not chosen at first sight. A system that, in addition to the others, could discourage those who still wanted to try it.

While space missions to Mars are now being considered, the issue of sexual relationships in space attracts many specialists. It is possible that with all of the negatives we mentioned earlier, full sex can be considered (and has happened before, although NASA did not disclose it). We will surely find out more about it in the future!