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8 great films from the master of horror for 4.37 euros per film

If you are a fan of horror and horror movies then you will find a great box set of 5 Stephen King films here. With this you are guaranteed not to sleep without fear.

Stephen King Boxset: 8 Must-See Movies

The Stephen King box set launched last October and it wasn’t easy to get your hands on, but it’s back and at a very big discount.

In this super box there are no less than 8 essential films from the master of horror, or around 18 hours of thrills. These are the following Blu-Ray versions:

Carrie (1976)Shining (1980)Misery (1990)The Escapees (1994)The Green Line (1999)It (2017)It – Chapter 2 (2019)Doctor Sleep (2019)

While the pre-order price was 89.90 euros, the Stephen King box now only costs 34.99 euros, just under 4.37 euros per film. And to take advantage of that, here’s another deal on a QLED TV with Android TV from TCL.

3 good reasons for temptation

Unmissable filmsSensations guaranteedIncredible price per film

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