8 formalized projects that could outline the future of the MCU

Marvel has just revealed the first details on eight upcoming titles as it evolves its comic book universe, and the least we can say is that it will be varied and take on different shapes and orientations. We take a full look at this article.

Marvel prepares the ground for phase 4 of the MCU?

So, in a timeline presented for upcoming MCU series and movie releases, Marvel has revealed the future titles of the series or miniseries that will feed its comic book universe in the coming months. Timeless kicks off. In this time travel story, we follow Kang the Conqueror who poses a threat. This one will manage to get through the multiverse and there is a good chance he will encounter the Avengers.

In this plan, Devil’s Reign will be released starting next December. Here, Wilson Fisk, who has been the mayor of New York for some time, will ban the activities of superheroes in the area. But it won’t stop there, because it will also pass on all the information it has that the federal government has to the city’s vigilante groups. The Kingpin (or Kingpin in VO) takes care of Daredevil by building his team called Thunderbolts. In this story by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto we find Elektra, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, among others.

Also in December 2021, Avengers Forever by Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder will propose bringing the Avengers from a multiverse together to help different realities. We will also follow Tony Stark who is an archaeologist and is described as the invisible ant man.

In January 2022, Ben Percy’s X Lives and X Deaths of Wolverine will be released with the artists Joshua Cassara and Federico Vincentini. Here we focus on the past and future of the X-Men with claws. With the She-Hulk series for Disney +, Marvel would like to use the character again. In this series, Jennifer Walters resumes her practice as a lawyer and tries to forget about her experiences with the Avengers. Finally, in January, Dan Slott will offer Fantastic Four: Reckoning War with Calos Pachecco and Rachael Stott in the drawings.

Finally, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur will be released in February 2022 without knowing who is responsible for the writing and drawing.

Still, we see here that Marvel is trying to do whatever it takes to get fans of the MCU movies to the comics. Notice that Timeless stands out more on the frieze than on the other projects. So he could be the project Marvel is focusing on to make Kang a main character in Phase 4 of the MCU.

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