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8 anecdotes about Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyans

Vegeta is Son Goku’s first enemy before he becomes his greatest rival, ally, and perhaps friend. He is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in Dragon Ball. We pay homage to him with eight anecdotes about the Prince of Saiyans.

1 / Akira Toriyama doesn’t like her very much

Despite being one of the main characters in the manga, Akira has confided to Toriyama that he doesn’t like Vegeta too much, but that he is very useful in moving the story forward. Admit half a word that Vegeta is not ready to make his dream come true (defeat Goku)?

2 / The fans saved Vegeta

Akira Toriyama said he was swayed by requests from fans who didn’t want Vegeta to die on the show. This is evidence of the immense popularity of the character among Dragon Ball fans. A popularity we can understand as Vegeta is hands down the most complex, and in some ways the most human character in the Dragon Ball universe. At least we will all agree if we say that with Picolo he is undoubtedly the one who has the most interesting evolution. 7th

3 / He has already surpassed Son Goku

Vegeta has a big rival: Son Goku. And his goal has always been to surpass him. He made it a couple of times, but each time Goku regained the advantage very quickly, which only annoyed Vegeta. So Vegeta Moro, the last great antagonist of Dragon Ball Super, reveals the fruits of his training with a brand new, impressive technique: the forced splitting of the mind, which allows him to take advantage for a while. on his opponent. But it is quickly up to Goku to reveal the fruits of his training with the improvement of Ultra-Instinct.

4 / The secrets of his first name

As everyone knows, Akira Toriyama likes to name his characters who are inspired by the vocabulary of food. Therefore, all Saiyajins have a first name that refers to a vegetable: Son Goku’s real first name Kakarot means “carrot”, Raditz “radish”, Nappa “cabbage”. If Gohan (a rice dish) and Trunks don’t have vegetable names, it’s because they’re half Saiyan. Even the word Saiyajin in Japanese Saiya-jin is the anagram of “yasai”, the Japanese word for “vegetables”. Vegeta (reference to the English word “vegetables”, vegetables) is the prince of Saiyajins, the prince of vegetables …

5 / Vegeta has a brother

If we all know Son Goku’s (Raditz) brother, we don’t know Vegeta’s little brother so much. Appeared in the TV movie Dragon Ball: Hi! Son Goku and his friends are back, released in 2008. Tarble had asked his older brother, whom he admires, for help to help him fight two enemies. Despite the fact that he looks like a more youthful version of Vegeta, Tarble does not share his brother’s character and faces his disdain due to his weakness.

6 / He is the first mortal to conquer a god of destruction

Dragon Ball Super significantly expanded and made the universe of Dragon Ball more complex by creating many parallel universes and gods of destruction. Incredibly strong, the gods of destruction seem almost unbeatable. But Vegeta defeated one of them, or rather a pretext for the god of destruction from universe 11, Toppo, in the tournament of power.

7 / It’s over 9000

It is arguably one of the most famous memes on the internet. During his first fight against Son Goku, Vegeta is overwhelmed by the immense power of his opponent, which he is impressively observing thanks to his scouter (device with which the power can be calculated). When Nappa asks how much Goku is, Vegeta replies, “It’s over 9000 !!!” Aside from the fact that this is a mistake in the English translation: in the original version, Goku’s performance actually exceeds 8000.

8 / Your hairstyle has changed

As Vegeta once said to his wife Bulma, the Saiyans do not change their hairstyle in their lives. Besides him, he had obviously had curls on his forehead since his youth.


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