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70s, hippies and women forced to give up their children for adoption – here is the new AXN White range

“Liebeskind”: The new addiction series from AXN White is inspired by a true story

It will open this Wednesday May 12th and will take place in Australia from the 1970s onwards.

A midwife nurse, a group of young pregnant women, feminism, emancipation, hippies and a little bit of Australian history. This is the mix of “Love Child”, the new series from AXN White, which starts this Wednesday, May 12th at 9:25 pm with a double episode.

The action takes place in Tamwort, Australia, in 1969. Joan Miller, played by Jessica Marais, is a midwifery nurse who has just come from London and is faced with the reality of young pregnant women who were hidden from society until they were born and are forced to give them up for adoption – a program that was exactly called Liebeskind. All because they were illegitimate children, which was unthinkable at the time.

This series has four seasons, originally shown between 2014 and 2017, in which it is possible to learn different stories of the different women that the nurse encounters in her daily work. There have been reports of various kinds, from mothers choosing to stay with their children to extramarital affairs or harassment.

When they discover that several women are in the same or a similar situation, the young women decide to unite and fight against the rules that society has imposed on them. Facilities are not expected, however, not least because the enemies are where they least expect it, as is the case with other women.

The series was scripted by Sarah Lambert who, although she had not lived the stories her lines represent, heard from some close people, such as a friend of her mother’s who, like many others, was forced to live in a house for single mothers to hide and give up their children for adoption.

Actors such as Mandy McElhinney, Miranda Tapsell, Sophie Bloom, Harriet Dyer and Ella Scott Lynch are among the actors in this plot, in which feminism and women’s rights are very present.


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