7 Academic Writing Challenges and How to Handle Them

Students are uncertain of their success in most courses they pursue. In this struggle for excellence, when a given academic writing assignment is given, thousands if not millions of students find it difficult to integrate information from all internet sources. These struggles are no easy task and cannot be taken lightly.

Academic writing is unavoidable because they determine our grades. Like clockwork, students are needed by the systems that are to put down one article after another with stringent deadlines, not forgetting the high demands. Some main challenges in writing faced by students in regard to academic life. Let us explore some of these challenges in detail.

The Wrong Research

While most of the time, students refer to official websites, online news articles, and other online sources to obtain the information they seek, students tend to violate the standards of academic writing by picking random and less reputable online sources and mixing them with solid facts and figures.

In this way, while the student puts the attention and efforts on just one fact or even five, the main fact is lost, which can cost the student thousands to achieve an excellent grade.

This practice should be avoided, and to find the right facts, the students need to use reliable and trustworthy online sources and develop a balanced approach in their research work.

A Lack of Understanding

With many students having academic writing struggles, they are unaware of the power of their ideas. They have different ideas about how and what to write, and hence feel a little lost and do not know how to connect and write on specific topics.

It is often obvious that when the student cannot come up with ideas or has a poor understanding of what is required, they cannot write because it is very important to possess knowledge of the topic at hand.

For this reason, several resources, tips, and recommendations are offered on a regular basis to get students back on the right track to academic success.

Not Enough References

In these modern times, not everyone can spend a day in the library with some information printed out and a bunch of aids to assist them. For those who are not from the library and not familiar with the information, you can forget it. Your references should be appropriate to the content and why you are making use of the reference material.

However, you should not forget that each online article or survey type is completely different from the other. To make reference to something, it is essential that you explain precisely what you are referencing. Furthermore, the references have to be clear and precise.

You have to be precise with your language as it is more appealing and easier to comprehend.

A Lack of Expertise in the Subject

A lack of expertise in the subject, which entails subject expertise, reasoning, and critical thinking skills, above all competence in vocabulary and sentence structure, is very difficult to overcome. Students are primarily responsible for being proficient in their academic writing assignments, yet they are not necessarily fluent and experienced in such fields of expertise.

With studies being a significant part of the curriculum, students are required to put down academic writing very often, just as much as they would in other aspects of school life, and in many cases do it voluntarily because their knowledge of the subject is clear and an impressive reference point when questioned. However, academic writing is a discipline that needs practice, lots of it.

Strict deadlines

You are frequently required to ensure that you deliver your work in a given delivery timeline, which means you are required to hone your time management skills, juggling classes, your social life, and personal time. The pressure to write more in less time affects us all.

Structure and flow

Each and every academic writing assignment demands a certain structure and format. For this, it is imperative to come up with a fluid, well-structured essay or research paper to make sure one has an in-depth understanding of all the applicable writing styles.

Shoddy analysis

For most assignments, upon giving statements, a follow-up is required to back your statement and your argument as a whole. The analysis needs to be critical and thorough, touching on all aspects of the assignment for you to at least capture the teacher’s attention.

How do you handle these challenges?


The saying “Practice makes perfect” has so much truth in it, especially when it comes to academic writing and writing as a whole. Your first attempt at a writing project may be bad. But as you continue writing more and more, you are bound to get better.

Errors in grammar, style, and punctuation, being among the top mistakes students make, may seem insignificant, causing a huge dent in your final grade. Through practice, one gets to learn the different forms of punctuating your work.

Ensure you make a conscious effort to gain exposure either by reading other materials to give you an idea about how to go about writing or, simply put, focus on reading a lot and devote around 40 minutes a day to practice. This may be slow, but with time it will yield good results.

The shortest and surest way to quickly improve your grade is by getting some essay help from academic services: paid and free. Professional academic writers help better your grades and have you acing your scores in no time. These writers guarantee top-notch quality work free of plagiarism at a student-friendly fee.

To excel at writing, doing your own assignments is bound to happen at some point in time. In the beginning, writing might seem to be challenging. However, you will be amazed at how fast you are going to progress.

Writing academic papers is relatively trivial. You answer a set of questions in each section, and you are done. Creating these sets of questions takes some time, but after that, it’s a breeze in the park!

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