60-year-old man dies after being beaten for stupid reasons


A morbid trend has emerged in recent years: swatting. Less publicized so as not to make this trend visible, at best, swatting scares its victims. But in the worst case scenario, it can lead to death. Such is the case of a swatting that happened in 2020 and was caused for a particularly stupid reason.

Another fatal blow

Swatting has repeatedly proven a deadly practice. In December 2017, for example, a young American died as a result of a brawl. The perpetrator is sentenced to 15 months in prison. Swatting shifts have continued over the years. And in April 2020, another hit was recorded in the city of Bethpage, USA. Called up to overpower an armed man who allegedly killed a woman in a small house on a narrow street, US law enforcement officials faced Mark Herring, 60.

Faced with the entry of foreigners into his property, this sixty-year-old came out armed with a rifle. The police then tell him to drop his gun. Hering then gets rid of it before he has a heart attack. He will die a little later. A dark affair that happened last year, but the causes have only just been uncovered. So it seems that the reason for this hitting has to do with Herring’s refusal to part ways with his Twitter handle. On the microblogging network, Herring was the proud owner of the @Tennessee account, a relatively rare account given his @.

The unfortunate man would not have been the only one targeted by this attack. A few months after her father’s death, Corinna Fitch, daughter of Mark Herring, learns of the existence of Shane Sonderman, the miner who would be responsible for this attack: “He was from Tennessee. It was he who gathered all of our information Has.” , namely my address, that of my sister, my mother, my aunt, before I share it on Discord, ”she explains. A measure that aimed to put Herring under pressure so that he finally separates from his Twitter account. Nonetheless, a UK resident minor will make the fateful call to the local police station.

Mark Herring’s Twitter account is valued at a whopping $ 3,000 or $ 4,000. For his crime, Sonderman risks a maximum of 5 years in prison and a fine of $ 250,000. A punishment deemed too low for the victim’s family. “You not only changed someone’s life, you made it snowy. You have to pay for it.” Swatting doesn’t seem to be losing momentum despite relatively severe penalties.