6 Tips to Avoid Buying on Amazon and Help Your Booksellers

After the speech by the head of state on October 28, 2020, bookstores had to close their doors, which caused a lot of reactions in the world of books. Recently, several public figures have come out in favor of defending booksellers against Amazon. Again, we offer you a few alternatives that should enable you to continue ordering books during this detention period and thus to help those who are closest to you.

# 1 use your cell phone

The phone may be your best bet during this lockdown time if you’re looking to discover new books. In fact, some bookstores offer you to call them and put the books you have reserved over the phone on a small table outside. This applies to small bookstores such as the Histoires Sans Fin bookstore in La Roche-sur-Foron (74).

Some of the larger bookstores, such as Ici, the largest bookstore in Paris, can still be reached by phone for personal advice. To find the phone numbers or to contact your favorite bookstores directly online (and discover others) you can go to PlaceDesLibraires.

# 2 online bookstores

Many bookstores have their own websites. Décître is a perfect example of this, but it also applies to many independent bookstores. If you don’t know which bookstore is closest to you, the lockdown can be a great time to find it and help your grocery store. There are indeed websites that specialize in this type of research, such as ChezMonLibraire, an association that allows you to find more than 160 independent bookstores in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

On this website you can find the independent bookstore closest to you, view the online catalog, and choose a time to pick up your pre-ordered work.

# 3 the click and collect (encouraged by the Minister of Culture)

As mentioned in an earlier article, the Minister of Culture Madame Roselyne Bachelot made the following remarks for LCI on November 2, 2020:

Don’t buy books on digital platforms. Book sales in bookstores and independent bookstores continue. By ordering and collecting them, the famous “click and collect” or by calling your bookseller.

What is click and collect? This is a very easy ordering method. It allows the customer to reserve one or more products available in-store online (which means that the brand has the technical capacity to manage their inventory in real time) to pick them up at a pre-defined time. This helps to avoid contact with other customers. You often need a credit card to pay.

If you do not know which bookstore near you offers this service, you can find out about all the bookstores that are fans of Click and Collect on the interactive map, which is regularly updated by Livre Hebdo. Bookstores not yet showing up on the map can email webmaster@electre.com to request inclusion as soon as possible.

# 4 Social networks and word of mouth

Most French bookstores are on your favorite social networks! During this time, booksellers will listen to you more than ever. The Imaginaire bookstore that opened in Annecy, for example, reacts very quickly to its Facebook account. The Batignolles bookstore, opened in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, offers several solutions described in a recent Facebook post:

So do not hesitate to stay connected and ask your favorite booksellers all your questions on the networks! It is very likely that you can find a solution together.

# 5 Amazon alternative

Amazon Alternative is a Chrome extension that allows you to order differently at the last minute when you’re on Amazon. Instead of adding the book to your shopping cart, you can click a button just below “Buy in bookstore”. You can then use the button to select the site of several other independent bookstores. A tip that can really pay off!

To add it to Chrome, just click here.

# 6 websites for comics

For comic fans, some websites like Decitre or the FNAC had made several comics (and other types of books) free of charge during their first imprisonment. You can of course create a custom library on these websites.

If you want to help your local bookstores you can also visit the CanalBD website which is where you can find all the bookstores that sell your favorite comics.

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