6 times the anime went way too far

If some of us grew up watching the anime Dragon Ball, it is clear that the work has changed between yesterday and today. We did a little bit of this before / after putting it together – some of them really changed dramatically! Plus, Dragon Ball is also known for the many censures it has faced around the world – some of which seem pretty far-fetched! Today we’re bringing you 6 moments Dragon Ball went way too far. Our poor little souls of children weren’t ready for this!

# 6 Piccolo’s sacrifice to save Gohan

During the Sayian saga, several warriors are sent to Namek before Frieza appears. Of these, Nappa – who teams up with a certain Sayian prince – makes it difficult for the Earth Fighters. After cleaning up quickly, he had Son Gohan in his sights, who at the time could not keep up despite his strong potential.

Nappa sends a wave of energy to Goku’s son, which is immediately intercepted by Piccolo, who turns his own body into a shield. The attempted murder of a child followed by the death of one of the main characters is quite traumatic!

Cell # 5 (first form) absorbs and liquefies an innocent citizen

Back from the Future (Timeline by Mirai Trunks), Cell goes in search of Cyborg No. 17 and No. 18 in order to achieve his perfect shape. However, it lacks the strength and is content to absorb people because there is nothing better. Piccolo then discovers him after a slaughter in a city – and he is not at the end of his surprises.

The creature is clearly not at the top and offers the Namek a nice display of his skills by advocating for a poor man who passed by. A horrific scene follows in which Cell sticks his cock at him and picks him up until he completely liquefies. The citizen’s body transforms as if it were melting, accompanied by the most sympathetic sound effects.

Freezer # 4 kills Bardock and the rest of the Sayians

As Frieza prepares to permanently destroy the planet Vegeta, Bardock – Son Goku’s father – decides to face him. Unfortunately, if he’s powerful enough to hold his own against Frieza’s soldiers, he won’t hold up against the alien.

In a vain attempt, he attacks them, but is immediately thwarted by a massive ball of energy – the death ball – which wipes out all the Sayians present and destroys the planet in the process. The Sayian slaughter mentioned in the anime takes on a whole new dimension when explained visually in this way.

Cell # 3 (perfect shape) destroys the head of c-16

During the fight between Son Gohan and Cell, the Android C-16 – or rather what is left of it, i.e. his head – sends him a final message of hope and encouragement. Cell then tries to push young Sayian to his limits and unleash his anger. Something he’ll do perfectly.

In fact, it will simply destroy C-16’s head with a crushed foot. Like an ordinary insect, the android disappears into a scene that is just as violent as it is moving. Fortunately, Cell will pay dearly for this mistake: this is how he unlocked Gohan’s potential.

# 2 Freezer kills krilin

This is another cult scene from the Dragon Ball anime in which the antagonists obviously enjoy playing with the heroes’ nerves. During the Battle of Namek, Goku and Frieza fight relentlessly. Unfortunately for the Sayian, his enemy is as vicious as it is tyrannical.

Krillin tries as best he can to help but is clearly unable to. He is eventually killed by Frieza and wiped out in a burst of energy in the face of a helpless Goku and Gohan. A barbaric act that he will regret when faced with an angry opponent.

# 1 videl VS spopovitch

In the 25th Tenka Ichi Budokai, Videl – the daughter of Mr. Satan – confronts a mysterious warrior named Spopovich. Once human, he changed the appearance that the hideous Babidi once had. When the first half of the fight is largely dominated by Videl, Spopovitch’s tenacity begins to worry. Indeed, the latter does not seem to have suffered any harm from the young girl’s attacks.

It gradually wears out, which gives this imposing muscle mass the chance to take revenge with incredible violence. This is one of the trashiest fights in the anime. Spopovitch literally goes wild and enjoys torturing Videl. A shocking scene that denotes the bright tone the series took on at this stage of the adventure.

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