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6 secrets of the film

Almost a month ago, we offered you to discover our own review of the film Black Widow. In the meantime you could discover the film for yourself, at home or in the cinema. If opinions remain divided on the treatment of Natasha Romanoff and the usefulness of this film within the MCU, Kevin Feige assures that he still has some little shooting secrets that could get you to watch the film again. Movie. We therefore invite you to find 6 secrets the President of Marvel Studios just shared about Black Widow.

Warning: this item contains loot for the Black Widow movie. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read it.

Kevin Feige and Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff’s first (and only) solo adventure broke records in the middle of a pandemic with an opening weekend that grossed $ 219 million worldwide (and $ 80 million in the U.S. market alone), an accomplishment considering that the film was released simultaneously on Disney + Premier Access. That being said, the film grossed “only” $ 26 million in the US market on its second opening weekend.

A 67.5% drop, nothing short of the biggest drop in MCU history. A sad tally that marks the idea that fans were impatiently waiting for this movie, but also the idea that those who are more reluctant (and who waited for the critics) were ultimately not tempted by this option. The fact is that despite this sad record, there is still a lot of talk about the film. Kevin Feige revealed a lot of information about Black Widow in a recent interview.

7 new pieces of information from Kevin Feige

In response to several questions from MCU fans, Kevin Feige provides several details that have never been revealed before.

Hello everyone, I’m looking forward to starting this #BlackWidowWatchParty with you now. Follow us to see some behind-the-scenes stories from how #BlackWidow was made. I’ll do my best to answer some of your questions along the way. Let’s press play – Theatrical Version

July 20, 2021

First, Feige reveals that his favorite scene in Black Widow is what he calls “the heart of the movie,” which is the second dinner scene. For him, this dysfunctional family dynamic of espionage makes Nastasha’s story and her explorations very exciting. Kevin Feige also revealed that he has absolute intentions to review and bring the character back to Harbor. He has also expressed an interest in a future confrontation between the Red Guardian and Sam Wilson’s Captain America.

Kevin Feige also wants to revisit some characters from the film and include them in other future productions, such as the character of OT Fagbenle. We will therefore surely have the opportunity to see it again in the future.

Finally, Feige gave a lot of behind-the-scenes information about Black Widow. He said that the first Ohio flashback scenes were actually shot in Rome and Georgia as they resemble what is known as “rural” Ohio. Immediately afterwards, the scene where the characters meet Dreykov (Ray Winstone) in Cuba was actually filmed at a former WWII military base in London, with visual effects creating a sunny blue sky.

And if, on your part, you want to know why Natasha was not publicly buried in the film, you can read our previous article on the subject.


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