6 new fake gift boxes to wonderfully catch your friends

Christmas is just around the corner and the gift race is officially on. If the PS5 served as the perfect gift, it probably left some of you in the dark. Rest assured, Prank-o will be the cure for all of your ailments. This American company makes counterfeit boxes of toys or completely useless items. Something to comfort your loved one who, instead of his PlayStation 5, sees a finger brush under the tree to scrub the toilet. After all, it can come in handy, it’s a household chore that is regularly done at home. We are now offering you six new, fully WTF objects that are signed with Prank-o.


# 2 Baby’s first diaper

# 3 a pasta recycler

# 4 scrap’n snacks

# 5 brushes suitable for fingers for scrubbing the toilet

# 6 A visor storage kit

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