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6 famous logos relaunched in different and amazing styles

Logos are symbols that never cease to amaze us. Some of them are so popular that they come to mind when talking about the brand they represent. But can you imagine them differently than we know them today?

6 logos relaunched in different styles

To promote their project, the team behind Kapwing, an image and video editing platform, decided to show us that logos can be redesigned without losing what makes them iconic symbols. . You may find it difficult to imagine the Apple, Google, and Instagram logos in any other form. That’s why the designers of the platform have recreated these logos with different styles (pop art, retro, psychedelic…).


google – art nouveau

Google Bauhaus

Google – Psychedelic

Google – Pop Art

Google – Retro 80s

Google – 3D design


NASA – Art Nouveau

Nasa Bauhaus

NASA – Psychedelic

NASA – Pop Art

NASA – Retro 80s

NASA – 3D design

#3 Instagram

Instagram – Art Nouveau

Instagram – Bauhaus

Instagram – Psychedelic

Instagram pop art

Instagram retro 80s

Instagram – 3D Design

#4 WWF

WWF – Art Nouveau

WWF Bauhaus

WWF – Psychedelic

WWF – Pop Art

WWF – Retro 80s

WWF – 3D design

#5 McDonald’s

McDonald’s – Art Nouveau

McDonald’s Bauhaus

McDonald’s – Psychedelic

McDonalds – Pop Art

McDonald’s – Retro 80s

McDonald’s – 3D design

#6 apple

Apple – Art Nouveau

Apple Bauhaus

Apple – Psychedelic

Apple – pop art

Apple – Retro 80s

Apple – 3D design

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