6 characters this great enemy of Superman could crush


Matches between characters from DC and those from the MCU regularly arouse interest in our columns, for example this contrast between Batman and Iron Man. These hypothetical opposites give us an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

The perfect mix between Doomsday and Lex Luthor

But what about a DC Comics supervillain playing against the best of the Marvel team? Under the gratin of the DC evil we find the Joker, Doomsday, Lex Luthor or even Darkseid. But another Superman antagonist, less side but just as menacing, deserves its place on this list. This is Mongul.

Created in November 1980 by Len Wein & Jim Starlin in DC Comics Presents # 27, Mongul is one of the main villains of Superman. On the power side, he would be a good mix of the physical strength of Doomsday and the sly wit of Lex Luthor. As the dictator of an alien race that uses an artificial planet as a ship, Mongul has repeatedly taken over Superman. Let’s quote Superman Annual # 11 where he manages to plunge him into a world of dreams. He is also known to have destroyed the entire city of Coast City, the hometown of Green Lantern.

Powers and capacities

In addition to skills and powers, Mongul is a very powerful being and has a strength that corresponds to Superman. It is also extremely durable, super fast and very agile. In addition to his well above-average physical abilities, Mongul can erect protective barriers, use telepathy or even teleport. Versatility is essential to pose a threat.

So when we compare Mongul’s abilities with some of the greatest advocates in the House of Ideas, we see that he largely stays on track. Better if he could have all his chances of victory. Here are these 6 Marvel characters that Mongul could beat.

# 1 Hyperion

Superman’s paste, Hyperion has roughly the same powers as its DC house counterpart, but even less powerful. If we see how difficult it is for the man with his fists of steel to have to compete with Mongul, he wouldn’t be the weight against this one.

# 2 Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel has little or nothing to envy of Mongul’s physical abilities, as she is endowed with superhuman strength, but also great resilience, which enables her to withstand many attacks. Plus, she can fly like Superman. Even so, Mongul, despite his clairvoyance, should be able to overcome wear and tear, through hand-to-hand combat and through his greater spiritual powers.

# 3 vision

Very complete, so is vision. His strength and resistance would enable him to compete with Mongul. Its tightness control allows it to adapt to different types of combat. However, his energy beams could prove powerless against Mongul, who could encounter them via his protective barriers or his teleportation. Plus, the constant use of density would eventually leave him vulnerable to the super villain’s power.

# 4 America Chavez

When one of the younger generation of Marvel superheroes has her foil, she’ll find it hard to face an antagonist of Mongul’s caliber. America Chavez sends ultra-powerful rights, is very resilient, can fly and create interdimensional portals. Even so, the super villain’s power is too high for the young superhero.

# 5 She Hulk / Jennifer Walters

If his strength and resistance are a little less than the Hulk’s, She Hulk remains a benchmark on the matter. And in contrast to her male counterpart, she retains her full intelligence during the transformation, which allows her more self-control. Jennifer Walters is also more agile in her green form, which makes her a formidable martial arts fighter. On the other hand, not sure if this is enough against Mongul, which she outperforms in close combat as well as at a distance.

# 6 Hulk

But what about the Hulk? Power side, the game seems fair on paper. The Hulk is easily over 2 meters high, weighs almost 500 kg and can lift buses or tanks. In addition, the Hulk is incredibly resilient. Its green skin, reinforced by gamma rays, can withstand extremely violent knocks and blows. Its relative invulnerability and its regeneration factor also make it almost unbeatable. However, Mongul could overcome Bruce Banner if he can manage his crisis and use his psychic powers to confuse him.

For your part, what do you think of these clashes? Do you think Mongul could defeat beings like Iron Man or even Thor? Don’t hesitate to share your feelings in the comments.