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5G mobile tariffs are already on sale! An offer for maximum speed

Operators have pulled their 5G cellular plans out of the sheath, but at prices that can be scary as they are way above those of 4G. One operator decided to open hostilities by offering an instant discount of 15 euros per month for the first year to offer 5G at a great price.

A price that becomes much more interesting with this new promotional offer

The operator who wanted to stand out with 5G is not Free Mobile as it has not yet opened hostilities. But who is it? It is Bouygues Telecom that has decided to offer an immediate discount of 15 euros per month on their 5G packages. This applies to the currently available 3.

60 GB plan in 5G 90 GB plan in 5G 120 GB plan in 5G

Of course, the 3 subscriptions also benefit from many advantages:

Unlimited calls, unlimited SMS / MMS all available bonuses (unlimited internet at WE, access to L’Equipe, access to the Cafeyn magazine platform) A second SIM card was offered to be installed on a tablet or a connected watch on B.tv HD with more than 50 HD channels

Here are the new prices with the 12 month discount provided you keep the same number and with a 24 month commitment:

60 GB 5G plan for EUR 26.99 instead of EUR 41.99 and EUR 21.99 for BBOX customers. 90 GB 5G plan for EUR 33.99 instead of EUR 48.99 and EUR 26.99 if you are a BBOX customer 120 GB 5G package at EUR 54.99 instead of EUR 69.99 and EUR 44.99 if you are a BBOX customer

To take advantage of this, just go to the 5G cellular plans page and choose the one that suits you best.

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