55 Instagram and Photoshop retouching fails


Watch out for internet liars! Photos of loved ones and strangers invade social networks, but sometimes we are really mistaken for bacon. As we’ve seen many times before, some internet users want perfect images on their Instagram accounts and don’t hesitate to retouch their photos to get the perfect shot. Unfortunately, while some are very good at retouching, others are really bad and it gets annoying. Alien head, proportion problems, exaggerated filters, the following photos are actually considered retouching errors on Instagram and Photoshop. With these 55 pictures we show you the damage.

1) Thanks to the young filter

2) Voldemort’s daughter?

3) Instagram VS Reality

4) a small head

5) Mars attacks?

6) It’s cool to always have the same sky no matter where you go

7) The ocean is really skewed when you do body positives

8) a Bratz doll?

9) very, very long legs

10) Where are his ribs?

11) Too many filters

12) With and without filter

13) Always too many filters

14) Instagram VS Reality (yes it’s the same woman) Thanks for the makeup and extensions

15) A painted dress and legs smaller than the arms

16) A face without a filter …

17) Reality vs Instagram

18) Shadows never lie

19) there is nothing right

20) a purple rectangle around the head and a problem with proportions

21) World of Warcraft or Reality?

22) funny profile

23) “Funny how your head doesn’t match your body at all”

24) Posterior Extension

25) Filters, always filters

26) Where did his navel go?

27) Found on Tinder

28) Instagram vs. Reality

29) one leg shorter than the other

30) strange eyes

31) Instagram vs. Reality

32) Instagram VS Reality

33) the door is warped

34) add muscles

35) shelves are warped

36) very, very long legs

37) very long fingers

38) Photoshop Foundation

39) Instagram vs. Reality

40) Instagram VS Reality

41) Instagram VS Reality

42) funny eyes again

43) the part is distorted

44) Buttock Enlargement

45) Instagram VS Reality

46) a very big hand

47) Instagram vs. Reality

48) another Bratz doll

49) Instagram vs. Reality

50) wax figures?

51) weird eyes again and again

52) Reality VS Instagram

53) Reality VS Instagram

54) more filters

55) If you forget to send the edited photo to your buddy before he posts on Instagram

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