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50 photos taken in the middle of winter that will send shivers down your spine

Until Sunday March 20th we are still in the winter time. If we are lucky in France that extremely low temperatures are rare (although such temperatures have recently been recorded mainly in the Alps and the Pyrenees), other countries like Russia or Canada are used to very (very) severe winters. Today we invite you to discover 50 shots that make us shiver just imagining being able to stay in these frozen landscapes. Arm yourself with a plaid: let’s go!

1) an icy branch on which it looks like a bird

2) a completely frozen windshield

3) a forest that stretches as far as the eye can see in finland

4) a short arctic water session: a relaxing experience

5) a ski session in canada

6) Lake Michigan (USA) broke into countless pieces of ice due to low temperatures

7) wind and freezing rain: frost

8) Sub-zero temperatures have created a special environment: Freely falling water forms a huge “ice crater” at the base of the falls

9) Sub-zero temperatures allow Matrix-style clothes to be dried

10) Cars after freezing rain in Vladivostok, Russia

11) Difficult to basket in these conditions

12) the cold that makes this car look crazy max

13) The water level dropped, but this patch of ice remained at the level the water was originally at

14) an impressive amount of snow in Newfoundland (Canada)

15) Snow covers the safety net of an aviary in a zoo

16) A cat seeks shelter from the cold when the water is completely frozen

17) the frost that penetrates poorly insulated houses

18) Ice is leaking from this banister

19) an icy fence that doesn’t lack panache

20) when you turn into a snowman

21) it almost feels like we’ve arrived in Narnia

22) My dog ​​turns into a snowman too

23) it is possible to mold wet clothes into any shape in the middle of the freezing cold winter

24) well, well, I’ll come back later…

25) a dish of frozen pasta

26) Frozen lava lamp

27) You can draw a pretty shape on stalactites…

28) can’t wait for spring to get this axe

29) Temperature measurement in a bus

30) Ice created a second glass on this car

31) a dog who hardly gets out of his kennel with so much snow

32) Texas Jelly Flower

33) frozen water in a small river in Missouri (USA)

34) The chicken coop fence is completely frozen

35) A real ice fountain

36) when ice defies gravity after being imprinted on the hood of a car

37) A frozen chain

38) Another small lake near a house broke after freezing

39) a flood in a house where the water was not turned off (in the middle of winter)

40) How long will it take to get this car from the parking lot?

41) artistic shapes for these stalactites

42) Mud frozen on a truck

43) a Dutch firefighter after putting out a fire in a house in extremely cold outside temperatures

44) this tree strangely collapsed under the weight of the snow

45) at this window the water froze in a very peculiar way

46) after a simple walk to take your dog for a walk

47) a child threw an egg at a window and it immediately froze

48) we don’t want to be there

49) The usual amount of snow in winter on the road to Chukotka, Russia

50) a doormat that became stiff from the cold and broke

And you, which cliché in this article gave you goosebumps? What is the negative temperature place you least want to be? Don’t hesitate to answer these questions via our comments section! And if you want to remember how cold the winter was in Texas last year, you can consult our previous article on the subject: the photos presented there are edifying.


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