50 people who had a bad day

2020 is a complicated year in many ways and we might be tempted to feel sorry for ourselves at times. Hold our hearts Some of us must have had an even worse year. In any case, it is certain that they had at least one particularly difficult day to live. We had already offered you two editions in 2019 from people who had a worse day than you. It seems that the 2020 edition is even more terrible. No really, no one spared 2020 as you will see.

# 1 when you put too much soap in the washing machine

# 2, if you pull your zipper a little too hard while tilting your head down

# 3 when a snake lives in your bathroom and comes to say hello

# 4, when it’s your first time driving your wife’s new car

# 5 if you want to keep the flour away from your kids and spill it yourself

# 6 when you’re trying to grow potatoes yourself and get a ridiculous harvest

# 7 when you confuse the two tubes and curse yourself

# 8 if you start your week off well

# 9 When you run out of 3% battery, you’re on vacation and saying goodbye to your social life

# 10 when you break your pepper mill

# 11, if you accidentally drop your wedding ring

# 12 if your first photo looks like this as a teacher in the class yearbook

# 13 when you’re the only person on a team of 30 dressing up for the carnival

No. 14 if the cover has not been properly closed by the seller

# 15 when your dad takes a single photo of you at machu picchu

# 16 when you find that your mini fridge is actually a freezer

# 17 when you’re preparing for an important exam but it’s canceled

# 18 when you order a smartphone and receive a big rock

# 19 when you finished building your PC an hour ago

# 20 when you climb the ladder when you forget you put the paint on it

# 21 when you turn your tractor over

# 22 when you drive 45 minutes to the store and think you had your mask in your pocket when it was a baby sock – at home

# 23 when a loose truck wheel hits a dealer’s mclaren

# 24 when your hair hits fly tape

# 25 when you put two different shoes on to get your wife’s opinion and you forget

# 26 when your key has decided to hide away well

# 27 when you think it takes more than a drink to digest the news

All players put their phones on the table. Wait for someone to get a notification. This person is drinking. A sex partner recently positive for a sexually transmitted disease will notify you through our anonymous notification tool. We also recommend that you get tested.

# 28 When that perfume you bought your wife for Christmas ends up in the bathroom

# 29 when you had room, but it wasn’t enough

# 30 if your license plate gets the neighbors talking

# 31 when you wanted to see the view from the Eiffel Tower for your honeymoon

# 32 when you thought it was cream when it was crow droppings

# 33, when you receive this photo as a delivery confirmation

# 34 if you don’t recommend taking salmonella for your diet

# 35 When a kid comes to tell you your Minion costume is great if these are your real everyday attire

# 36 when your neighbor drills a hole in the wall coming to drill your guitar case and Martin HD-28v guitar

# 37, if you have a wasp poke your lip while you pull out your Christmas tree

# 38 when a squirrel comes to steal your breakfast

# 39 when you make a turmeric mask and look like Bart Simpson

# 40 when your phone is sulking

# 41 if your pan fails at the wrong time

# 42 if you want to play the guitar again after having amputated two fingers

# 43 when your mom has a message for you by serving you a piece of cake

# 44 if your dog has a thing for mud

# 45 when your stolen phone is found in London

# 46 if your blackhead remover isn’t packed properly

# 47 when you get up at night to drink and the door stays in your hands

# 48 when pouring concrete next to a duck pond

# 49 when gary declares his love for his sweetheart doris

# 50, when you get home from your day and your cat is more depressed than you

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