50 mistakes in really disastrous property design and advertising

Designing advertising, signs, graphics or even illustrations is a real profession and sometimes even an art that not everyone has mastered. In this article, discover a selection of 50 object design and advertising mistakes, one crazier than the other.

Designing a product, advertisement or building is a real challenge and sometimes needs to be thought through several months in advance before it reaches its physical form. But sometimes thinking ahead isn’t enough and the end product is a bit of a disaster. From the commercial for wireless headphones where the listener isn’t even in the ear, the bloody design for a ladies’ room, or the photomontages of interns, these 50 design examples are as unsettling as they are hilarious. .

# 1 Not the place for headphones

# 2 a very tasteless tile pattern

# 3 a flooded bridge

# 4 Not very encouraging

# 5 The sculpture is supposed to say “Jax” for Jacksonville, Florida. It cost $ 18 million

# 6 This is what a stroke looks like

# 7 A huge treadmill or a very petite woman?

# 8 This gentleman has a very long torso

# 9 A health trail sign: “Make circles with your upper body”

# 10 Apparently the phrase “The English have landed” inspired the design of this door

# 11 Access to the power supply is through this hatch … Convenient access

# 12 An ad for a pet razor

# 13 This building does not have a wheelchair access ramp

# 14 You lose more than just stomach with this tea: it makes you lose your ratio

# 15 No, the sign doesn’t say you’re kicking your kids out

“Teaching good manners”

# 16 The design of this pillow is reminiscent of a lot of dead mosquitos

# 17 Ad showing a man drinking next to cans of hydroalcoholic gel

# 18 A shrub arch

# 19 A practical two-part mirror for anonymous photos …

# 20 It was enough to widen the text field …

“Caution: limited space”

# 21 How to make it complicated when you can do it easily

“Scan for post office hours.”

# 22 An easily accessible bathroom …

# 23 This shirt isn’t dirty, it’s sold that way

# 24 Urinate inconspicuously. Or not

# 25 an unnecessary slowdown

# 26 Half pants pockets: a problem for women

# 27 Another well thought out design

“Face your fear”

# 28 “Welcome shorper”

Shorpers don’t exist, it’s the word “shopper” that means customer / buyer.

# 29 Apparently, this water is not suitable for babies

# 30 It’s not a vitamin D, it’s a smiley face. Very logical

# 31 A bench for hot weather

# 32 Two different slogans that seem to make one. The message is no longer very clear

“Don’t drink and drive”

“Never go up”

# 33 “Don’t worry about it happening. Nobody will notice”

# 34 A bench with integrated back cooling

# 35 A design to shit (the case for saying it)

“All because he asked the question”

Here the word popped looks more like poopped, which means “poop”.

# 36 A balcony only accessible through the window

# 37 These kids look passionate about toys

# 38 Red on red not the best combination

# 39 Either the raccoon tastes Pocahontas skull or it doubles as a hood

# 40 For sexy cats only

# 41 A terrible version of SpongeBob SquarePants

# 42 red ice cones on a bandage. logic

# 44 A cake that grows back with every cut piece!

# 45 A neat design!

# 46 what? Logic? I do not know.

“Delete” = cancel

“Enter” = validate

# 47 A high quality photo montage without a doubt

# 48 Since that draft, the Tower of Pisa has collapsed

# 49 A graphic devoid of common sense

“Do you send messages while driving or do you wait until you reach your destination?

Yes, 19%.

Not 81%. “

# 50 “They go together”

If you want to pull your hair out on these disastrous designs, that’s fine. If you haven’t had enough, check out this pick of 35 seriously bothersome design flaws.

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