50 Instagram and Photoshop Retouching Mistakes

Instagram liars hit again! As we’ve seen several times before, some internet users are dying to have lots of likes on their Instagram posts, even to roughly edit their photos. With Photoshop they change their face or their body, unfortunately they are not professionals in retouching and the result is anything but natural. Everything is so wrong that one wonders how they could have thought we were just seeing fire. Without further ado, here are 50 retouching mistakes on Instagram and Photoshop.

1) Aren’t there too many teeth?

2) Instagram versus reality

3) Instagram VS Reality

4) He’s very blurry compared to her

5) Haters will say Photoshop

6) His head is three times the size of his legs

7) Small rib problem?

8) A Pixar Sign?

9) Instagram photo VS photo of the photographer on the red carpet

10) Instagram VS Reality

11) Are the pants padded?

12) Guarantee without filter

13) Small phone problem

14) color change

15) Instagram VS Reality

16) Instagram VS Reality

17) wrong decor

18) a tiny head

19) thighs that no longer touch

20) Instagram VS Reality

21) Instagram VS Reality

22) the same woman, a new face every day

23) Where are his ribs?

24) Is there no problem of proportion?

25) a dinosaur neck

26) a doll

27) Instagram VS Reality

28) very long legs

29) some filters are missing

30) TV versus Instagram

31) gigantic eyebrows

32) Reality versus Instagram

33) comic legs

34) Instagram VS Reality

35) Instagram VS Youtube

36) a shrunken head

37) the thigh, which is double his head

38) Instagram versus Youtube

39) Problem of proportions

40) Instagram VS Reality

41) doll face

42) straight from a video game

43) a smoother face and a much larger chest

44) small barrier problem

45) her thighs and buttocks are fused

46) a completely natural sky

47) looks like a Bratz doll

48) a wax statue

49) misshapen left arm

50) completely natural eyebrows

So much for those 50 new retouches that fail on Instagram and Photoshop. If you want to keep the fun going, here are 40 more retouches that have failed.

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