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5 Yoda Facts Only True Fans Know

There are some strange creatures in the Star Wars galaxy far, far away. Peace lovers with animal intelligence like the faithful Tauntaun or the Thala mermaids that allowed Luke to survive in postology and produce that weird green milk. But others are intelligent and, like mankind, have developed a conscience and remarkable intelligence. Such is the case of the most famous of them all: Yoda. Many mysteries remain about this character. But here are five details and anecdotes that only true fans really know!

#1 What do her feet look like?

Yoda’s feet have been a source of controversy within Star Wars fandom for many years. We had to wait for the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace movie to realize it had…bird feet. Three forward-pointed toes and a rounded heel. Some figures feature three to five toes depending on the origin and aesthetics of the toy. But the original source – the movies – supports the anisodactyl form, like a bird of prey. We fully justify the next point we will address.

#2 Why are his teeth sharp?

Yoda’s teeth are much more visible in the Clone Wars series, and it may have bothered many. They are sharp and widely spaced like shark teeth, which definitely makes it a carnivore. In The Mandalorian, Grogu also has this peculiarity. It’s a conscious decision by Jon Favreau, who wanted to make sure the show’s mascot wasn’t just a cute, funny little thing. Lost.

#3 Why is he speaking backwards?

There are two major theories about this. The first would be intent on Yoda’s part, to force his students to listen carefully to what he’s saying and stay focused instead of letting ideas fade away. This is a theory supported in the new Legends – Fate of the Jedi: Backlash. The other theory is in The Mandalorian. This child, barely 50 years old, has language problems. So far he can only express his concepts through the community of power. Using the Force before using language (or at least “common” language for fantasy fans) may have influenced the use of “object-subject-verb” in the character’s brain. Finally, a much simpler idea might be that with his great intelligence he knows many different languages ​​and some rules are easier to bend to make himself easily understood.

#4 Where does his inspiration come from?

British makeup artist Stuart Freeborn died in 2013, but Star Wars fans will always remember his legacy as he sculpted Yoda’s face. The latter had a photo of Albert Einstein on the wall of his office while he was working on Yoda’s concepts. Items that would have appeared towards the end of the character creation process. The lines around the eyes and nose are similar, and despite Yoda’s rather buttoned nose, the similarities continue in the narrow mouth and chin.

#5 His staff is his most prized item

Many attribute psychotropic, healing, or meditative properties to its cane, but there is no evidence to support this. It is a hallmark of the Jedi Master. This stick was made from a gimer bush. A fairly common plant that grows in several ecosystems across the galaxy. In the book The Star Wars: CompleteVisual Dictionary, we learn that it is a gift from Wookies to thank him. The gimer is one of the most common plants on Kashykk, their home planet. In another 2015 book, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, we learn that the gimer can be chewed for analgesic purposes. So it’s entirely possible that Yoda is arthritic, especially since he was exiled on Dagobah.

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