5 Tank heroes with solid defense and health, ranked

Tanks are an integral part throughout all sport modes in Overwatch 2. They’re tasked with defending weak teammates in addition to securing and defending Payloads in Escort and Hybrid modes.

Tanks have the power to soak in many of the harm dealt by the opposing workforce whereas additionally being very useful at defending tight choke factors.

Overwatch 2 has restricted the variety of Tanks allowed per workforce to just one slot in 5v5 matches (throughout all modes). Retaining this rule in thoughts, it turns into vital for a workforce to select the proper Tank to deal with any state of affairs.

Listed beneath are a number of the finest Tanks in Overwatch 2 which have the best well being and stacked up defensive stats.

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Rating Wrecking Ball, Roadhog, and three different Tank heroes in Overwatch 2 with formidable defensive stats

5) Junker Queen


The Junker Queen carries a complete bunch of weapons along with her, making her an out-and-out brawler. With Scattergun as her major weapon and a knife referred to as Jagged Blade, the hero is well-equipped for all types of close-range fight.

The Junker Queen might not have any defensive shielding potential like D.Va or Zarya, however her base well being of 425 is stable sufficient to rank her above them.

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As well as, Junker Queen’s Commanding Shout potential offers her and her allies an extra well being bar of 100HP, which may change into decisive in crunch encounters.

4) Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is not only sturdy but also possesses mines and a self-destruct ability (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Wrecking Ball shouldn’t be solely sturdy but additionally possesses mines and a self-destruct potential (Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure)

The extremely cellular Wrecking Ball mech is managed by a genetically-engineered hamster named Hammond.

The hero might not be essentially the most damaging Tank, however they make up for it with their maneuverability, which permits gamers to zoom across the map and disrupt enemy plans.

Wrecking Ball has a base well being of 600HP and a good Adaptive Protect potential that lasts for 9 seconds, giving a brief 100 well being per enemy. They’re a battle-hardened Tank to select in Overwatch 2.

3) Winston

Winston is one of the easiest heroes to get the hang of in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Winston is without doubt one of the best heroes to get the dangle of in Overwatch 2 (Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure)

Winston is the perfect Tank for newcomers in Overwatch 2 as his major weapon, the Tesla Cannon, is straightforward to make use of and doesn’t require any precision aiming.

Furthermore, Winston has the Barrier Projection potential, which generates a protecting area round him and his allies, stopping all incoming projectiles for eight seconds.

Gamers should discover ways to mix these defensive talents with Winston’s Primal Rage final, which quickly offers him an additional well being bar together with an added pace enhance and melee harm. In the event that they do, he’ll develop into a harmful hero on the battlefield.

2) Roadhog


With a base well being of 700HP, Roadhog is a unique type of Tank in Overwatch 2. He doesn’t have any shielding talents, however his large well being bar (highest amongst all heroes) simply makes him an overpowered character within the sport.

Roadhog can deal harm in a wide range of methods. He carries a Scrap Gun as his major weapon and in addition has the power to hook in enemies along with his large chain, dealing further harm.

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Roadhog’s final can’t be shocked, and all of his talents put collectively make him an absolute brawler who is right for any state of affairs. He can even restore greater than half of his well being by his Take a Breather potential.

1) Reinhardt


Reinhardt is a formidable Tank in Overwatch 2. He has respectable damage-dealing talents, due to his Forge Hammer, and might stun enemies up entrance.

The hero additionally has a devastating final within the type of Earthshatter, which inflicts an insane quantity of crowd-control harm.

Reinhardt is a unique beast on the subject of holding tight conditions and choke factors. That is all due to his Barrier Protect potential, which could be activated always and has a formidable well being of 1200HP.

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