5 most annoying things about God of War Ragnarok that prevents it from being the perfect video game experience

God of Conflict Ragnarok, since its launch again on November 11 this 12 months, has been making headlines. It has garnered overwhelmingly optimistic reception amongst followers and critics alike, and the record-breaking gross sales have made it PlayStation’s fastest-selling first-party title.

The earlier entry within the sequence, God of Conflict (2018), was already a masterclass in storytelling and world-building. And whereas it was certainly a difficult and daunting activity for developer Santa Monica Studio to one-up their earlier title, they someway did handle to do exactly that.

All of the reward and accolades God of Conflict Ragnarok is receiving is properly deserved, because it principally surpasses each expectation gamers had for the sequel to God of Conflict (2018), each when it comes to the gameplay and narrative-depth.


Having performed by means of everything of the earlier title greater than a dozen instances, I used to be actually skeptical going into God of Conflict Ragnarok. Nonetheless, it genuinely stunned me with its high quality gameplay, and a stellar and satisfying narrative conclusion to Kratos’ Norse saga.

Evolving principally each side of the earlier title, be it the fight system, world-building, exploration, and narrative, God of Conflict Ragnarok is a masterpiece in each sense of the phrase. Regardless of that, it nonetheless is not with out its fair proportion of shortcomings that, in my eyes, stop it from being the “good video gaming expertise.”

Listed here are 5 of essentially the most annoying issues in God of Conflict Ragnarok that stop it from being the right online game.

Notice: This text displays the writer’s private opinion and incorporates spoilers for God of Conflict Ragnarok.

God of Conflict Ragnarok is nearly the right gaming expertise, if not for these 5 annoying issues

5) Having to crawl, duck, and squeeze to transition between zones feels counter-intuitive


As talked about in our God of Conflict Ragnarok assessment, having to crawl, duck, and squeeze by means of tight cracks, crevices, and tunnels feels actually archaic. In my view, doing so hampers the tempo of the in any other case seamless and fast-paced motion.

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Whereas I perceive that these animations are most likely added in an effort to masks loading screens, they nonetheless actually left me loathing the sport’s exploration segments.

It’s much more tedious to go thorugh a number of crawl, duck, and squeeze sections again to again when looking down these pesky Odin’s ravens or accumulating artifacts which are required to get the Platinum Trophy for the sport.

I keep in mind feeling exhausted each time I needed to undergo Vanaheim, figuring out I must row the gradual and clucky boat, and squeeze and crawl my means by means of a number of sections simply to seize one artifact or a Raven.

God of Conflict (2018) additionally had the identical concern, the place the transitions between areas have been masked by slightly gradual climbing, crawling, ducking or squeezing animations.

4) Companions and NPCs talking means too usually throughout common gameplay


One of many largest complaints that many gamers have with God of Conflict Ragnarok is its NPCs. In narrative segments, the non-player characters Kratos meets all through his journey, together with acquainted faces and fairly just a few new ones are wonderful.

Nonetheless, the over-reliance of companions on serving to gamers with puzzles, and useless banter between Kratos and a few NPCs, feels actually misplaced.

The most important drawback that I’ve with over-talkative NPCs is the way in which they level out options to environmental puzzles, with out giving the participant sufficient time to determine the answer. I really feel it could be an amazing addition to the sport as an accessibility choice for many who may want it.

Nonetheless, having NPCs level out options earlier than gamers may even assess the attainable options seems like an insult to their mind.

I even have a private grudge in opposition to Lunda, the brand new Blacksmith added to God of Conflict Ragnarok, who feels the necessity to remark each time I improve my gear or craft a brand new one. The primary few instances it was wonderful. Nonetheless, by the point I reached the tip of the sport, having a number of armor units to craft and improve, usually in fast succession, I used to be bored with her spouting the identical few strains of dialog advert nauseam.

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3) The borderline damaged “Bifrost” elemental standing


Whereas I personally love having a little bit of a problem in fight, the newly added “Bifrost” elemental standing feels extra like a nuisance than a real problem in my trustworthy opinion. The idea behind the Bifrost is fairly cool, as soon as Kratos is inflicted with the standing ailment, any additional harm, even a single hit from an enemy will end in a large HP loss.

The Bifrost on itself does not do any harm, and very similar to Poison, Burn, and Frost, it slowly dissipates over time. Nonetheless, the power for the standing to principally one-shot gamers with low Vigor stat makes it a extremely infuriating impact to cope with.

The enemies that deal Bifrost harm are principally the Einhejar. Nonetheless, just a few late-game bosses, such because the Berserkers and the hidden Valkyrie in Muspelheim, Gna, are additionally able to inflicting Bifrost.

The worst enemy in God of Conflict Ragnarok that’s able to virtually one-shotting a level-9 end-game Kratos is the Berserker King – King Rholf Kraki. He has a transfer the place he rises up within the air and causes a large Bifrost explosion that covers Kratos’ enitre healthbar, and follows it up with a dangerous assault.


This one combo, which the boss can carry out a number of instances in the course of the struggle, is the singlemost purpose that made me hate the Bifrost standing impact in God of Conflict Ragnarok. Whereas there are some Defend Ronds and armor units that may considerably scale back its impact, they arrive at a hefty value of both lowered power or vitality.

2) Reuse of principally the identical runic assaults from God of Conflict (2018)


Runic Assaults have been the spotlight of the final recreation’s fight system. They’re extra like get-out-of-jail-for-free playing cards that gamers can use to deal a ton of harm, whereas staying secure because of the hyperarmor in the course of the Runic Assault animations.

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It’s comprehensible why Santa Monica Studio would’ve reused just a few of the Runic Assaults in God of Conflict Ragnarok, resembling Rampage of the Furies, Meteoric Slam, Njord’s Tempest, Breath of Thamur, and my private favourite, Ivaldi’s Anvil. Nonetheless, I used to be anticipating new ones to take the highlight this time round, which sadly wasn’t the case.

There have been fairly just a few enjoyable new Runic Assaults added for the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos, however nothing topped the effectivity and harm of the previous variants. I used to be additionally considerably upset to see how a lot these particular talents have been nerfed within the sequel, which made them slightly redundant in the course of the first half of the sport.

1) The omission of Executioner’s Cleave in favor of Serpent’s Snare


Taking part in by means of God of Conflict Ragnarok, one factor that I sorely missed from the final recreation was the very satisfying charged heavy assault, referred to as “Executioner’s Cleave.” The talent was primarily my primary combo finisher for the Leviathan Axe, because it permits Kratos to “cleave” enemies in half on the finish of the light-attack combo.

Whereas the Serpent’s Snare is a cool addition and lets Kratos toss round enemies and even throw them off cliffs, it isn’t a alternative for Executioner’s Cleave, which felt rather more satisfying to tug off in the course of the warmth of the battle.

I really feel Santa Monica Studio ought to have a minimum of given gamers like me the choice to toggle between the basic charged R2 finisher and the brand new one.

Whereas these 5 factors are the shortcomings that have been obvious to me throughout my 55-hour-long playthorugh of the sport, these are nothing however my private nitpicks within the grand scheme of issues of an in any other case flawless narrative and fight expertise.

God of Conflict Ragnarok, regardless of having these “shortcomings,” is nothing lower than a masterpiece, and one which satisfyingly concludes Kratos and his son Atreus’ Norse saga.

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