5 interesting changes only veterans would remember in Genshin Impact

Genshin Affect has undergone a ton of modifications over the previous two years. In actual fact, veteran gamers may bear in mind how completely different the sport was once. New gamers are unlikely to narrate to a few of these modifications, however they might nonetheless want to have a look at a few of these examples to be taught extra about Genshin Affect’s previous.

There are way over simply 5 examples of early installment absurdities for this iconic title. Nonetheless, this listicle will as an alternative concentrate on simply 5 entries and element them in such a approach that new gamers can be grateful for, contemplating they won’t in any other case perceive these outdated relics of a bygone time.

5 examples of parts solely veteran Genshin Affect gamers may recall

1) Characters being unable for use while on Expeditions

You couldn't use these characters back when they were on an expedition, which was rough for new F2P players (Image via HoYoverse)
You could not use these characters again once they had been on an expedition, which was tough for brand spanking new F2P gamers (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

In Genshin Affect 1.0, you might not add a personality to your social gathering in the event that they had been on an Expedition. That meant some gamers needed to rigorously plan round this arbitrary restriction lest they lock themselves out of a helpful character for 4 to twenty hours.

Veteran gamers ought to do not forget that this was modified in Genshin Affect 1.1. The official patch notes affirm that by stating:

“Characters dispatched on expeditions are now not out-of-action. They are often added to your social gathering as standard.”

This inconvenience (particularly for F2P gamers) was gone fairly early within the recreation’s life. Lengthy gone had been the times of a information telling you to solely put characters you did not want on Expeditions.

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2) The Traveler being an choice for Expeditions

In this example, Varren is a name of a Traveler (Image via ZaFrostPet)
On this instance, Varren is a reputation of a Traveler (Picture by way of ZaFrostPet)

One other noteworthy factor that existed within the early days of Genshin Affect was the flexibility to see Aether or Lumine (relying on which one you picked) for Expeditions. Whereas it may appear minor on paper, it’s price noting that The Traveler could not be used for any Expedition, even when it appeared like you might use them.

Thus, their existence wasted a slot once you had been on the lookout for a personality to ship on considered one of these journeys. Genshin Affect 1.6 rectified this by making the next change:

“The Traveler will now not seem within the Expedition Dispatch character choice listing.”

On the very least, this instance could be extra acquainted to readers than the earlier one because it was round for a number of extra Model Updates.

3) Two character banners by no means ran alongside each other

A familiar banner to veteran players (Image via HoYoverse)
A well-known banner to veteran gamers (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

A lot of Genshin Affect’s early banners will be boiled right down to the next:

  • One character banner
  • One weapon banner
  • Wanderlust Invocation

There weren’t any double character banners till Genshin Affect 2.3, which launched Albedo and Eula reruns in the identical part. Such a phenomenon was largely unprecedented again then. Within the early days of this recreation, you’ll get a single character banner per part, and that is it.

These days, you see stuff like Yae Miko and Tartaglia having two separate banners working alongside each other, as that is the norm in the present day. True veteran gamers may even bear in mind some early leaks of a double banner being dismissed because it by no means occurred earlier than.

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Some gamers even puzzled if each banners would share the identical 4-star characters.

4) Domains was once far more inconvenient again then


Domains in Genshin Affect was once approach completely different earlier than Model 1.2. That replace launched the next issues that gamers know and love in the present day:

  • Having the choice to repeat farming the Area
  • Gadgets now not drop to the bottom and as an alternative routinely go to your stock
  • Quitting co-op Domains with out affecting different gamers

The above video demonstrates an outdated troll tactic that some veteran gamers may bear in mind. Venti’s ult might convey the dropped objects over a cliff again then, which was each irritating and hilarious on the identical time.

The brand new modifications you might be acquainted with are way more handy and assist save time when you could repeatedly grind Domains. Additionally, you do not have to fret about forgetting to choose up an merchandise today.

5) Rosaria look controversy


Rosaria has undergone two important modifications to her bodily look in Genshin Affect. Some gamers may have the ability to recall the censorship the place she bought a brand new costume and modification in look that is noticeable in each the official paintings and her in-game mannequin.

Nonetheless, you could be shocked to search out out that this alternate outfit change was solely the second time this occurred to Rosaria. Her NPC mannequin in Model 1.2 appeared noticeably completely different than the one gamers bought as a playable character in Model 1.4.

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That is not even mentioning her dropping her animation, the place she kicked her spear into her fingers when the participant went to her weapon display screen. She bought a generic animation to switch that, a lot to the dismay of Rosaria followers.

Notice: Some points of this text are subjective.

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