5 champions that are great in professional play but bad in solo queue in League of Legends Season 13

League of Legends is undoubtedly one of the well-known MOBA (Multiplayer On-line Battle Enviornment), in addition to one of many most-watched esports titles, with its Worlds occasions being a spectacle within the trade.

With League of Legends and its skilled play being among the many most well-known of their respective industries, the sport has amassed a fandom not like some other. World-class aggressive gamers are usually fan-favorites, which is why informal players usually emulate their playstyle, decision-making, and champion selections.

League of Legends professionals have a major influence on the group. It leads to the playerbase deciding on the champions that their favourite skilled stars continuously choose of their solo-queue video games. However what they continuously overlook is the great hole between the basics of League of Legends skilled play and the solo queue.


Skilled League of Legends gamers are more adept and in tune with their teammates, champion-drafting is rehearsed forward of time, and video games are much more strategic and fast-paced. Groups have a predetermined roster, and communication and coordination are important.

In distinction, the solo queue is a extra casual and unstructured type of play. There, gamers play with and towards nameless folks. Video games are much less aggressive, and the temper is extra laid again. Synergy is continuously absent in these settings, and contributors are continuously auto-filled into roles with which they’re unfamiliar.


One of many main the explanation why sure champions work in skilled League of Legends play is that the gameplay is significantly extra regimented and fewer chaotic. The gamers are conscious of their roles, what their perform is within the group, and the way they play towards each other.

This isn’t the case within the solo queue, the place the video games are sometimes chaotic and open-ended, with the successful group continuously failing to leverage their benefit, permitting the dropping lineup to try a comeback. Skilled play matches are nearly by no means the identical.

Because of this the champions picked for League of Legends skilled play continuously underperform when picked within the solo queue. With that in thoughts, this text will go over 5 characters in Season 13 who’re nice in skilled video games, however dangerous for informal gamers.

5 champions to keep away from in League of Legends Season 13’s solo queue

1) Azir

Azir is a high-skill-based champion in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games)
Azir is a high-skill-based champion in League of Legends (Picture by way of Riot Video games)

Azir is a reliable and versatile champion who has the potential to make a major influence in skilled play.

He is usually a game-changer within the palms of skilled gamers attributable to his mixture of harm, management, and mobility on the battlefield. His powers allow him to swiftly seize management of the bottom and handle the actions of his foes, making him an excellent choose for skilled play.

Whereas Azir is a superb alternative there, he’s a tough option to play within the solo queue. One of many main causes for that is that taking part in him calls for a fantastic diploma of ability and experience. Gamers should grasp how his expertise perform and how one can apply them in varied situations.


Moreover, Azir’s playstyle necessitates group collaboration and communication. This makes him much less profitable in solo queues as gamers continuously play with out a pre-made squad.

Another excuse Azir just isn’t a viable solo-queue choice is that he’s vulnerable to gank, significantly early within the recreation. Since he relies upon considerably on his expertise, the opposition group might merely shut him down in the event that they catch him out of place. This can be particularly aggravating for solo-queue gamers who can’t depend on their group for help and security.

2) Twisted Destiny

Twisted Fate is one of the weakest midlane champions in League of Legends Season 13 (Image via Riot Games)
Twisted Destiny is among the weakest midlane champions in League of Legends Season 13 (Picture by way of Riot Video games)

Twisted Destiny can also be a League of Legends champion who has all the time been a well-liked choice in skilled play. Along with his final potential, he’s famous for his flexibility and talent to manage the map.

His final will be utilized to generate a map-wide imaginative and prescient and spark clashes for his group in skilled competitors. Moreover, his potential to split-push together with his pick-a-card expertise and immediately roam into different lanes makes him a helpful asset in compositions.

Nonetheless, Twisted Destiny’s want for teamwork and his squad’s functionality to comply with up on his performs makes him a less-appealing solo-queue choice. He’s continuously seen as a hazardous choose as a result of his success relies on the efficiency of his teammates, who will be unreliable in informal matches.

Moreover, his lack of crowd management and endurance in fights is usually a burden in solo-queue conditions as gamers have much less expertise taking part in as a cohesive squad. General, Twisted Destiny is an effective alternative for skilled play, however not for informal video games.

3) Sejuani

Sejuani is one of the most picked jungle champions in Season 13 of League of Legends professional play (Image via Riot Games)
Sejuani is among the most picked jungle champions in Season 13 of League of Legends skilled play (Picture by way of Riot Video games)

On account of her very good crowd management and tank nature, Sejuani is a well-liked professional-play choose. Aggressive groups plan their technique round her final, which may rapidly disrupt the opposite squad and supply a bonus. She passively slows her foes, making it less complicated for her teammates to counterattack with their very own talents.

Sejuani is highly effective in early recreation phases and she will be able to use that point to lock down enemies and provides her group an edge. Nonetheless, she will not be as profitable in a solo-queue recreation as a result of she calls for lots of teamwork and understanding from her fellow champions.

Her expertise is likely to be tough to make use of efficiently within the solo queue, making her an unsuitable alternative for gamers looking for a speedy win. Sejuani requires lots of expertise and collaboration to turn into a helpful informal choice, making her a preferable alternative for people who find themselves taking part in with a cohesive group.


Additionally, contemplating that the jungle meta in Season 13 consists of carry champions, this solely makes Sejuani increasingly more of an inferior choose within the solo queue.

4) Renekton

Renekton has been one of the staple champions for the League of Legends professional players (Image via Riot Games)
Renekton has been one of many staple champions for the League of Legends skilled gamers (Picture by way of Riot Video games)

Renekton is a champion who has usually appeared in each skilled and solo-queue play, nevertheless, his leads to each can differ drastically. He’s a outstanding choice in aggressive gaming because of his flexibility, injury output, and tankiness.

He continuously performs within the toplane and is famous for his potential to hold video games on his personal. His package lets him ship substantial injury whereas nonetheless tanking opposing talents, making him a useful asset in group battles. Renekton’s final, Cull the Meek, additionally causes lots of injury and will heal him, making him a harmful champion in battle.

In the meantime, he could also be a poor alternative for the solo queue. Regardless of his prowess, Renekton necessitates a excessive diploma of technical potential and map information, which is continuously absent in informal play. He’s additionally closely reliant on items to be efficient, and a single misstep could also be disastrous.

Nonetheless, Renekton is standard within the solo queue, which makes him a harmful alternative for brand new gamers who aren’t accustomed to the sport’s ideas. To summarize, whereas he is an effective alternative for League of Legends skilled play, he’s difficult to play within the solo queue and will not all the time carry out successfully.

5) Gragas

Gragas is one of the most flexible champions in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games)
Gragas is among the most versatile champions in League of Legends (Picture by way of Riot Video games)

Gragas is a one-of-a-kind and versatile League of Legends champion. He’s a extremely sought-after choice in skilled play due to his potential to manage fights together with his formidable crowd management nature and severely damaging output.

Within the correct palms, he can have an effect on the result of a duel by disrupting the enemy group and producing useful clashes for his personal facet.

However, Gragas has flaws which might be accentuated within the solo queue. He’s before everything a melee champion in League of Legends, which makes him susceptible to opposing poke and early-game harassment.


This continuously leads to difficult early video games for Gragas gamers, who should fastidiously handle their positions and farm. Second, he’s extraordinarily reliant on his talents and calls for a certain quantity of technical potential and recreation consciousness to efficiently execute his package. He can simply shut off and make his utilization ineffectual with out this.

Lastly, Gragas is a League of Legends champion that consumes lots of mana, making it robust for gamers to lane efficiently if mana administration is not completed correctly. Moreover, as a result of his talents are greatest employed together with teammates, his package necessitates a excessive degree of cooperation.

Gragas struggles to achieve his full potential within the solo queue as communication and cooperation are continuously insufficient. He’s a difficult League of Legends champion to play on this surroundings for these causes, in addition to the fundamental unpredictability of informal video games.

In the end, there may be nothing fallacious with followers taking part in the picks chosen by their favourite skilled League of Legends gamers. However when the varied dynamics of the solo queue are thought of, there are simply far higher and considerably much less punishing champions to relish.

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