5 board games for family celebrations to give away with closed eyes for Christmas


These days the family has been put to the test and while we still can’t see the end of the tunnel, we’ve decided to help you find you as best we can! Yes, childbirth has gotten over our nerves, whether you are kids, parents, grandparents … nothing is better for strengthening relationships than good board games. A board game is always fun and allows you to escape for a while and reset everything. That’s why we asked our specialists at ludum.fr to make you one of the top 5 best board games for the family for Christmas 2020.

Marvel Champions, the Marvel Universe opens its doors to you!

Who has never dreamed of being a superhero? A dream comes true with Marvel! Play as your favorite heroes and triumph over super villains who are ready to destroy everything! If you want to learn more about the future of the MCU, check out Marvel’s new Legacy Project. Marvel Champions is a card game where you have to defeat the bad guy and get stronger. At the beginning of the game, the player chooses his hero and creates his card game. This can contain heroes, situations or locations, all of which offer bonuses for attack or defense! To play these cards, the player must pay the cost by discarding other cards from their hand.

Once paid, he can use the card’s strengths and attack the bad guy. But the villain also attacks you and can use his minions or attack you directly. To defend yourself, the choice is yours, you can let your allies take over or change your outfit to become an unknown civilian again! But this defense allows the villain to come up with an even more terrifying plan. Restriction cards will appear as the game progresses and you will have to pause your streak to reach the goal. To win, you must first defeat your enemy! Like the Avengers, can you build your dream team and triumph over the bad guys? Either way, this is what you have to do to win! Stronger than the Hulk, smarter than Tony Stark, more loyal than Captain and even more electrifying than Thor! Marvel Champions is the Christmas gift to play with the family!

Marvel Champions can be played by 1 to 4 players, ages 14+, for games of approximately 45 minutes. A game available here for € 53.90.

Mr. Wolf, beware of the big bad wolf!

Ace of Gold 2019, Mr. Wolf is a memory game in which you have to save your animals before the big bad wolf arrives! The aim of the game is simple: you have to get the animals to their homes before the wolf arrives on the meadow. Each player draws an animal marker, which is placed face down on the board, which he looks at and places it in his enclosure. Each enclosure can contain two different animals, but no more. It is up to you to remember the animals you place so as not to make mistakes.

Wolves are hiding in the meadow. Every time you draw them you move the big bad wolf one step forward. If he gets to the meadow before all the animals have returned, it’s game over. Mr. Wolf is a terribly addicting game that requires your attention in order to withstand the tension of the game and the arrival of the wolf! Ideal for playing with small children.

Mr. Wolf can be played by 1 to 4 players, ages 4+, for games of around 15 minutes. A game for € 19.90 right there.

Codex Naturalis, make the most of your resources!

Place your cards in the Codex Naturalis as best you can to earn points and best achieve your goals! It is easy to understand that each player starts with a goal card that he is the only one who knows and that offers him a goal to score victory points in the end! The goal is to be the first to get 20 points. To do this, the players have to place their cards individually, turn round by round and connect them at the corners. Cards are worth either resources or victory points.

In order to place their cards, players must adhere to certain conditions that are specific to each card, generally in terms of resources! At each point scored, the players advance their pawns on the scoreboard. The first at 20 triggers the last round; At the end of the round, players turn over their objective card and score the appropriate points if the objective is successful. Otherwise everything can change in the last lap! Codex Naturalis is of course one of the best family games as its gameplay is fluid and offers a variety of possible strategies!

Codex Naturalis is played by 2 to 4 players, ages 7+, for games of around 25 minutes. A game available for € 14.90 here.

Colorus, coloring has never been so fun!

Colorus is one of those rare games that doesn’t require a lot of effort to have a good time, a touch of strategy, and good luck. These are the ingredients for success! In Colorus, the goal is to color square by square. For this you have 4 dice; 2 classic dice and 2 colored dice. On your coloring page, the color areas are marked with color codes. You roll the dice one after the other, giving you 2 numbers or 2 colors.

You therefore have to color as many colored squares as the dice indicate! The winner is the one who manages to finish their coloring first! Colorus is a very fun, playful game that will give you a good time with your family! Between drawing and patience, this game is very interesting and recommended for your children’s Christmas party!

Colorus is played by 2 to 4 players, ages 5+, for games of around 10 minutes. A game for € 13.90 right there.

Le Bois des Couadsous, the race for hazelnuts is on!

Bois des Couadsous has never lived up to its name so well! What below? This is the question you will be asking yourself as you play! To play the rule is simple: you have to cross the forest to collect hazelnuts. But the forest is difficult, in fact every squirrel has to find its way with either shapes or colors.

Each squirrel goes straight ahead and has to bet on the forest map in front of him and guess its shape: mushroom, leaf or pebble; or its color: red, yellow or blue. If the player finds he continues and if he finds the 3 he collects a nut. The first player to collect 5 hazelnuts wins! A real memory game that will give you a hard time … but good for nuts, we’d be ready for anything!

The Bois des Couadsous is played by 2 to 4 players, ages 5+, for games of around 10 minutes. A game for € 11.90 available here.

Here you will find an overview of the best family board games for Christmas 2020. If this is not enough for you, our partners at ludum.fr have made you one of the top 50 best family board games for Christmas 2020.