5 best teammates for Nilou in Genshin Impact 3.1

Nilou is a late bloomer in Genshin Affect 3.1, which means that her greatest teammates at launch may initially appear underwhelming. Nevertheless, her full capabilities will shine when extra help will get added. Till then, it is value taking a look at a few of her greatest teammates to maximise her potential.

Nilou’s greatest allies will likely be restricted to simply Hydro and Dendro characters by advantage of her Courtroom of Dancing Petals Passive. There aren’t too many nice choices for the time being, however there are sufficient characters to select from to construct a superb Nilou group in Genshin Affect 3.1.

5 teammates it’s best to construct for Nilou in Genshin Affect 3.1

5) Yelan

Yelan (Image via HoYoverse)
Yelan (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Yelan is a tremendous character for a number of causes, together with her inclusion on this group largely boiling right down to her excellent Hydro utility. If gamers do not personal her, then they need to use Xingqiu as an alternative. The latter is a good character in his personal proper, however he will not deal as a lot harm as Yelan.

Yelan’s Elemental Burst makes spamming Hydro assaults easy, which could be very useful if it is mixed with a Dendro character to spam Bloom Elemental Reactions.

4) Collei

Collei (Image via HoYoverse)
Collei (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

The quantity of Dendro characters that the participant has at their disposal in Genshin Affect 3.1 could be very restricted:

  • Collei
  • Dendro Traveler
  • Tighnari

Bloom groups want a Dendro consumer since that Elemental is required to react with Hydro. Collei and the Dendro Traveler are each out there without spending a dime, which means that they are the plain characters to incorporate on any Nilou group that wants Dendro utility.

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Whether or not one opts for Collei or the Dendro Traveler largely boils down to non-public choice since they each fulfill the same area of interest on these groups. In fact, some gamers may like utilizing each in Genshin Affect 3.1, as a double Dendro and Hydro Elemental Resonance could be fairly useful.

3) Dendro Traveler

Lumine and Aether (Image via HoYoverse)
Lumine and Aether (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Each single participant in Genshin Affect 3.1 has the Traveler. Most can simply make this character work together with considered one of Sumeru’s Statues of the Seven to unlock their Dendro skills. Bloom groups want a minimum of one Dendro character, so having the Dendro Traveler is a secure alternative.

One nice benefit that the Dendro Traveler has over Collei is that they have been round for much longer. Thus, it’s miles extra seemingly for some informal gamers to have already constructed the Traveler than it’s for them to have constructed Collei.

2) Barbara

Barbara (Image via HoYoverse)
Barbara (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Nilou’s Courtroom of Dancing Petals Passive can create Bountiful Cores that may deal respectable harm to the lively character. Thus, a few of Nilou’s greatest teammates will likely be healers who can offset that harm. There are no Dendro healers in Genshin Affect 3.1, which means that gamers have two selections:

Barbara is way weaker than Kokomi. That stated, she’s out there without spending a dime to all people, making her way more accessible than Kokomi. Having Barbara on the group will repair any potential maintain points, though she will not contribute a lot to the group’s DPS.

1) Kokomi

Kokomi (Image via HoYoverse)
Kokomi (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

The perfect healer within the sport is, unsurprisingly, Nilou’s greatest teammate for Bloom groups in Genshin Affect 3.1. Kokomi can be a Hydro character, which means her inclusion will not intrude with the Courtroom of Dancing Petals Passive.

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In contrast to Barbara, Kokomi is much better offensively. If one has the latter, there may be not a lot cause to think about using Barbara. Kokomi is genuinely an incredible and typically underrated character, particularly since she dovetails so properly with Nilou.

Notice: Some elements of this text are subjective.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul