5 best team comps for Albedo in Genshin Impact

Albedo is an effective Geo battery with exceptional off-field injury who finds himself on a number of Genshin Impression groups. Equally, his potential to spice up his teammate’s Elemental Mastery makes his supportive talents fairly versatile.

Typically talking, Albedo groups will virtually all the time desire a Geo Resonance to scale back an enemy’s Geo RES whereas bolstering shields. Thus, one will normally see not less than two Geo models per crew comp.

Some groups will embody doable substitutes in case the participant lacks some characters (normally the 5-stars).

5 good crew comps for Albedo mains in Genshin Impression

1) Zhongli + Gorou + Itto

A popular mono-Geo team in Genshin Impact (Image via HoYoverse)
A well-liked mono-Geo crew in Genshin Impression (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Mono-Geo groups can work, with the above crew being arguably the very best instance of 1. Typically talking, Albedo and Zhongli synergize excellently, which means that a lot of Albedo’s greatest groups will have a tendency to incorporate him. Zhongli’s inclusion on the crew can be talked about right here and implied within the subsequent entries to keep away from repetitiveness.

Zhongli creates highly effective shields and has minor CC, whereas Gorou is tailored for mono Geo groups. Itto could be the principle DPS on this case. One nice benefit of this crew is that it is extremely straightforward to make use of. Different Geo customers like Ningguang and Noelle can work as substitutes, however it may be laborious to fit them in over the opposite teammates until the participant is lacking just a few characters.

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2) Zhongli + Jean + Xiao

Another popular team (Image via HoYoverse)
One other standard crew (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Each the Geo and Anemo Elemental Resonances can be lively right here. Like earlier than, Zhongli and Albedo serve a supporting position to boost a DPS character’s full capabilities. On this case, it is Xiao whom they’re enabling to do extra injury in Genshin Impression.

Albedo is a wonderful battery, however Jean additionally serves as a very good battery. Mainly, Xiao’s Elemental Burst will all the time be up with a crew like this one. Jean also can heal Xiao every time crucial.

3) Zhongli + Hu Tao + Xingqiu

An old but effective Hu Tao team in Genshin Impact (Image via HoYoverse)
An outdated however efficient Hu Tao crew in Genshin Impression (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

This outdated basic crew comp continues to be viable in 2022. Hu Tao loves having Zhongli as a teammate, since his shields assist her high-risk, high-reward playstyle. Albedo can act as a battery and do good off-field injury as common.

Xingqiu allows the Vaporize playstyle that Hu Tao is synonymous with, particularly since his Elemental Talent’s Hydro infusion lasts for 15 seconds. It’s value mentioning that Yoimiya might exchange Hu Tao, and Yelan might exchange Xingqiu if Genshin Impression gamers need to attempt one thing completely different.

4) Zhongli + Kokomi + Yae Miko

An AFK team (Image via HoYoverse)
An AFK crew (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

This AFK crew is fairly brain-dead to make use of, but it surely’s very efficient all the identical. It is extraordinarily straightforward to arrange, however the strict requirement of needing 4 particular 5-stars may flip some gamers away.

These lucky sufficient to personal these characters ought to know that the crew’s maintain is wonderful. Zhongli’s shields and Kokomi’s therapeutic imply that it’s totally tough for this crew to die until one performs carelessly.

5) Cyno + Dendro Traveler + Fischl

A highly underrated team (Image via HoYoverse)
A extremely underrated crew (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Dendro groups significantly recognize the Elemental Mastery buff that Albedo gives together with his Homuncular Nature Passive. So it is a uncommon instance of a crew involving him however not Zhongli in Genshin Impression.

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Cyno, the Dendro Traveler, and Fischl are all instrumental in creating the Quicken Elemental Response. The final slot is normally filler, however Geo models have discovered some success right here, traditionally talking.

Word: Some facets of this text are subjective.

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