5 best Support heroes in Overwatch 2 that Apex Legends players should try

Overwatch 2 took the world by storm following its launch on October 4, 2022. Constructing on its predecessor’s success, the 5v5 first-person shooter gives an improved fight expertise, up to date graphics, and distinctive designs, in addition to new modes and characters.

That includes 34 numerous heroes, Overwatch 2 divides them into three roles: Tank, Injury, and Help.

5 Help function heroes for Apex Legends gamers to strive in Overwatch 2

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Therapeutic in Apex Legends is pretty easy, as gamers can use Lifeline drones, medkits and syringes. Nonetheless, Overwatch 2 gives an unique class of characters that carry out this function by means of weapons and talents.

Help heroes are tasked with conserving their staff alive by therapeutic them. Nonetheless, they might additionally change the tide of the sport by offering important buffs to their teammates when it comes to injury, pace and even negating enemy therapeutic. That being mentioned, listed here are the 5 greatest help heroes for Apex Legends gamers to strive in Overwatch 2:

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1) Kiriko

Kiriko drops into battle with her guardian fox spirit (Image via Blizzard)
Kiriko drops into battle together with her guardian fox spirit (Picture by way of Blizzard)

Kiriko is a ninja healer from Japan. She gives therapeutic by means of talismans deployed on her teammates. Kiriko also can use her Safety Suzu capacity to make her allies invulnerable for a fast second and strip them of all standing results.

In a position to teleport by means of partitions utilizing the Swift Step capacity, she’s additionally fairly useful together with her final, the Kitsune Rush. The transfer summons a fox spirit that lunges ahead and creates a path for accelerated motion, elevated fee of fireside and quicker capacity cooldowns.

2) Baptiste

Baptiste with his new design in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard)
Baptiste together with his new design in Overwatch 2 (Picture by way of Blizzard)

Belonging to Overwatch 2’s hybrid class of heroes, Baptiste could be described as a fight medic, offering each therapeutic and respectable offense. Outfitted together with his Biotic Launcher rifle, he can shoot in three-round bursts that inflict a very good quantity of injury. Moreover, Baptiste can leap actually excessive utilizing his Ex Boots passive.

The Biotic Launcher additionally has a secondary fireplace that works like a grenade launcher, therapeutic allies on the level of affect. He also can heal himself and his allies in a small radius by means of the Regenerative Burst capacity.

However the strongest a part of his package comes from this Immortality Subject that acts like a floating lamp, stopping his teammates from dying whereas they’re in its radius. His final, the Amplification Matrix, gives a construction that enhances injury and therapeutic results when handed by means of.

3) Moira

Moira with her new design in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard)
Moira together with her new design in Overwatch 2 (Picture by way of Blizzard)

One of many strongest but best heroes to grasp, Moira is a lethal pressure of nature. Utilizing her Biotic Grasp, she will heal her allies with a therapeutic mist. What makes it much more harmful is its secondary fireplace that locks onto any enemy in her neighborhood and drains their life whereas additionally replenishing her therapeutic mist.

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Moira also can throw Biotic Orbs that bounce off partitions. They will both be thrown as a therapeutic orb that aids close by allies or drains enemy well being.

Her Fade capacity, impressed by Reaper, makes her invulnerable and invisible whereas shifting at excessive pace. Her final, Coalescence, shoots a big beam that heals allies while additionally damaging enemies.

4) Lucio

Lucio wall rides his way into Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard)
Lucio wall rides his manner into Overwatch 2 (Picture by way of Blizzard)

A hero who grooves whereas passively wall-riding on the battlefield, Lucio can heal or enhance his allies’ pace utilizing the Crossfade capacity. He also can amplify its results with the Amp It Up trait.

Outfitted together with his Sonic Amplifier, Lucio can shoot a burst of vitality rounds and knock his enemies off with the Soundwave.

Utilizing his final the Sound Barries, Lucio drops the beat and gives an enormous quantity of non permanent well being to all his teammates in a 30-meter radius.

5) Mercy

Mercy with her new design (Image via Blizzard)
Mercy together with her new design (Picture by way of Blizzard)

Overwatch’s guardian angle, Mercy staying true to her identify, joins the battle with one sole objective: aiding her staff. Together with her Caduceus Workers, Mercy can heal a focused ally or enhance their injury by switching between fireplace modes.

Nonetheless, do not take her calmly as she will use her Caduceus Blaster to fend for herself.

What makes her the final word healer is that she will revive teammates utilizing her Resurrect capacity. Moreover, together with her final, the Valkyrie, she will fly throughout the map to achieve out to these in want.

Overwatch 2 is out there now on PC, Xbox Sequence X|S, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Change.

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