5 best magical beasts to tame in Hogwarts Legacy

Very like the Harry Potter (and Unbelievable Beasts and The place to Discover Them) novels, Hogwarts Legacy has an abundance of magical beasts for gamers to seek out. Whereas most of those fantastical creatures are simply recognizable by followers of the Potterverse films, some is not going to be as acquainted since they arrive from the depths of the Harry Potter mythos.

The Hipporgryph, Thestrals, Nifflers, and Unicorns are some beasts that followers will instantly acknowledge. Nonetheless, Graphorns, Mooncalves, and lots of extra are creatures that hardly ever make an look outdoors of the unique novels.

Luckily for gamers, Hogwarts Legacy permits them to not solely come face-to-face with these wonderful beasts but additionally tame and breed them.

Most fantastical creatures gamers come throughout within the open world, barring a number of major story bosses, reminiscent of Dragons, may be tamed by gamers. Nonetheless, solely a handful make for the very best in-game companion, both as a consequence of their cuddly look or magical powers.

Listed beneath are 5 of the very best magical creatures to tame in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Nifflers, Phoenix, and different wonderful fantastical creatures to tame in Hogwarts Legacy

1) Nifflers

Nifflers in Hogwarts Legacy are instantly recognizable to anybody who has both learn or watched Unbelievable Beasts and The place to Discover Them. These little platypus-like creatures are recognized for his or her mischeavous nature. They’re all the time on the hunt for the subsequent shiny artifact they will get their little paws on.

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Nifflers don’t provide a lot by way of substance to gamers. They do shed their fur occasionally, which can be utilized to improve a plethora of issues within the sport.


Amongst many issues, their fur can be utilized to brew the “Tunderbrew” potion. This creation causes thunderstorms to seem round a given radius for a brief time frame, dealing passive injury to enemies.

Nifflers are recognized to cover away objects of their pouches, which admittedly makes them much more lovely. They’re among the many finest companions gamers can have on their adventures by Hogwarts.

2) Puffskein

Very like Nifflers, Puffskeins are completely lovely creatures that gamers ought to undoubtedly not miss out on taming. Discovered throughout varied beast dens all through the open world of Hogwarts, they’re a number of the very first beasts it is possible for you to to identify and catch within the wild.


Just like Nifflers, Puffskeins shed their fur, which can be utilized as an improve useful resource in addition to a crafting materials to create potions and different in-game consumables.

These creatures don’t provide something past their fur and lovely appears. Nonetheless, they nonetheless make for a simple follow goal for gamers to check out the Nab-Sack, a device that’s used to seize or rescue fantastical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

3) Thestrals

Thestrals are probably the most unique-looking creatures that gamers can tame in Hogwarts Legacy. What units these horse-like creatures other than different beasts is that they’re solely seen to those that have seen demise.


Whereas their skeletal look may be intimidating at first, Thestrals are simply the calmest and gentlest creatures within the sport. Very like some other creature discovered within the wild, they are often caught utilizing the Nab-Sack and brought to the “Vivarium” within the Room of Requirement to tame them.

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Like Hippogriffs, Thestrals can be utilized as mounts to roam across the open world of Hogwarts. Gamers can even get early entry to them as a mount by getting the Deluxe Version of Hogwarts Legacy.

4) Kneazles

Gamers who’ve watched the Harry Potter films will instantly acknowledge Kneazles because the cat that one of many lead characters within the story, Hermione Granger, had together with her.

Kneazels are one of many earliest creatures that gamers will encounter within the wild. After unlocking the Nab-Sack, gamers can instantly head out into the wild to rescue Kneazels from poachers and take them to the Vivarium.


Kneazles, very similar to Puffskeins and Nifflers, shed their fur, which gamers can use to improve their gear and craft consumables to make use of throughout fight.

Kneazles don’t have any important function outdoors of permitting gamers to gather their fur for crafting. Nonetheless, they nonetheless make for a wonderful companion, partially as a consequence of their lovely look.

5) Phoenix

The Phoenix is definitely probably the most majestic and highly effective fantastical beast within the Harry Potter mythos, alongside the fire-breathing monstrosities, i.e., the Dragons.

Gamers can solely get hold of the Phoenix after finishing all of Deek’s elective quests, which contain the Niamh Fitzgerald Trials and the ultimate quest, Phoenix Rising. The quests are pretty in depth and might solely be unlocked after finishing a considerable quantity of the principle story.


The Phoenix is a legendary chicken recognized for its skill to go up in flames and be reborn from its ashes. The chicken has been a logo of energy and pleasure inside the Wizarding World for hundreds of years and has a key function within the Harry Potter tales.

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Whereas the method of taming the Phoenix is sort of arduous, it is rather a lot price it.

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