5 best Hero compositions for Push mode in Overwatch 2

First-person shooter Overwatch 2, is a follow-up to Blizzard Leisure’s 2016 hero shooter Overwatch and introduces steady cooperative capturing gameplay of a shared world for player-versus-player modes. The discount in workforce numbers from six to 5 in PvP video games was a big adjustment in Overwatch 2. There are a number of modes obtainable for choice within the recreation, with Push being one among them.

About Push mode


Push is a recreation mode in Overwatch 2 with a impartial goal that revolves round a robotic that begins in the midst of the map and two groups battling to regulate it. To maneuver the robotic into the realm on the opposite aspect, every member has a twisting path they need to stroll down. The purpose for each groups is to maneuver the robotic and barricade so far as attainable; if one among them strikes all the way in which to the end, it’s an on the spot win. There’s a pre-determined timeframe and if it runs out, the workforce with the furthest distance Push wins.

If a workforce with a shorter distance has management or is difficult the robotic when time runs out, extra time will then begin. The sport ends as soon as a workforce loses management of the robotic, however that workforce wins instantly if they will transfer the robotic previous the opposing workforce’s biggest distance.

Solely three maps—Colosseo, Esperança, and New Queen Road—have Push mode in Overwatch 2.

Squads with applicable heroes can win fights and are available out victorious in Push mode. Beneath are a few of the greatest hero compositions to have in your squad.

Finest Hero composition for Push mode in Overwatch 2

1. Mixture one

Heroes in Combination One(Images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Heroes in Mixture One(Photographs through Blizzard Leisure)

Tank: Reinhardt

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Harm: Soldier 76 and Genji

Help: Baptiste and Ana

The above line-up fits the Push mode in Overwatch 2, as Reinhardt would be the defensive defend of the workforce and as a result of large injury of his Rocket Hammer and his capacity to smash opponents right into a wall with Cost, he can also pose a deadly offensive hazard.

Soldier 76 and Baptiste might drastically profit each other given their respective strengths on the entrance strains. Regardless of being a supporting character in Overwatch 2, Baptiste offers first rate injury and might use Soldier to make him extra aggressive. Morevoer, Baptiste can heal and defend him with Immortality Subject. Genji, however, is a good injury hero with a wall-climbing passive capacity that helps him place himself completely on the battlefield. With Ana, he can obtain heals from far-off. Collectively, they make a deadly workforce.

2. Mixture two

Heroes in Combination two(Images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Heroes in Mixture two(Photographs through Blizzard Leisure)

Tank: Roadhog

Harm: Hanzo and Echo

Help: Ana and Zenyatta

In Overwatch 2, Roadhog is a good tank with a excessive well being pool, and the unkillable hog is usually a terror to the opposition workforce. He might not require a lot care, but when frequently healed, he has an honest likelihood of surviving any battle and killing enemies effectively. He may be shortly healed by Ana, who also can improve his personal therapeutic.

As an unprepared adversary, Hanzo and Echo are essentially the most irritating duos to take care of. Hanzo can reveal enemies and trigger nice quantities of injury from afar, and Tri-Shot and Sticky Bomb spamming by Echo deal a ton of injury whereas additionally carrying down opponent tanks.

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With the assistance of Zenyatta, the 2 might be able to assault from a number of angles to pin down the adversary in a matter of seconds. He can heal his buddies and weaken his enemies whereas chasing a transcendent state of injury immunity the place he summons orbs of concord and discord.

3. Mixture three

Heroes in Combination Three(Images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Heroes in Mixture Three(Photographs through Blizzard Leisure)

Tank: Reinhardt

Harm: Pharah, Mei

Help: Lucio and Mercy

Reinhardt in Overwatch 2 goals to inflict injury at shut vary. Thus, having a assist hero like Lucio who’s nimble and has the power to heal or improve velocity is nice for him. Reinhardt can simply maintain the robotic and make the most of his shatter or swing with out having to fret about being blocked because of Lucio’s velocity. With the assistance of Mei, they are often harmful and defensive as nicely. She has a excessive DPS (injury per second) and possesses helpful skills resembling creating ice partitions and utilizing Cryo-Freeze to grow to be invulnerable whereas therapeutic herself.

Each Pharah and Mercy have flying skills and might place themselves on excessive floor to supply cowl. It may be tough to cease a Pharah who has Mercy frequently enhancing her injury. She might play extra aggressively even when she takes injury in return as she is repeatedly healed.

4. Mixture 4

Heroes in Combination Four(Images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Heroes in Mixture 4(Photographs through Blizzard Leisure)

Tank: Orisa

Harm: Sombra and Tracer

Help: Mercy and Zenyatta

In Overwatch 2, Orisa is extremely formidable and stands on her personal. She will repel foes together with her Javelin Spin whereas additionally negating incoming injury and melee assaults. She beneficial properties extra well being from her fortification, takes much less injury general, and is proof against being shocked or staggered. Furthermore, she is a good Tank to make use of within the Push mode.

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Together with Tracer and Sombra, they could be a robust duo. A well-coordinated workforce ought to have the ability to use them each effectively as Tracer can create distractions whereas Sombra hacks them, choosing out enemies one after the other. Mercy and Zenyatta are nice at therapeutic and in offensive assaults as nicely. Moreover, a discord orb and injury enhance might considerably put strain on enemies.

5. Mixture 5

Heroes in Combination Five(Images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Heroes in Mixture 5(Photographs through Blizzard Leisure)

Tank: Wrecking Ball

Harm: Hanzo and Widowmaker

Help: Moira and Lucio

In Overwatch 2, Wrecking Ball is good for the Push mode as he’s glorious in disrupting enemies whereas taking injury, and has two strategies to attain over-health by using his Adaptive Protect and a higher beginning well being pool. Along with his grappling hook swinging into enemies and machine-gun firing, he can perform important injury. Together with Lucio, they could be a nightmare for the opposing workforce. Lucio also can increase his velocity and repeatedly present heals.

Hanzo and Widowmaker make for a fairly lethal mixture when each gamers are working collectively. They each have potential and might put the opposition aspect in an uncomfortable crossfire. Moreover, they will present info and monitor enemies with Infra-sight and Sonic arrows. With Moira on their aspect, they will push enemies and place themselves completely whereas looking forward to flanks.

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