5 best Hero compositions for Escort mode in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a 5v5 first-person taking pictures recreation developed by Blizzard Leisure and is the newest iteration of the Overwatch sequence. The sport has a number of modes to pick from and Escort is one among them.

Within the Escort Mode of Overwatch 2, the attacking squad tries to move a payload throughout the battlefield, whereas the opposing group battles to dam their development. The profitable group is the one that may efficiently escort the payload to the supply location on the finish of the map. The defensive group wins the spherical in the event that they stop the attackers from taking again possession of the payload earlier than time runs out.

The sport continues into “time beyond regulation” if the attacking group remains to be actively escorting the payload when the timer expires. Nevertheless, as quickly because the attacking group strikes away from the payload, they lose possession of it and subsequently lose the spherical.


Within the aggressive scene, the edges which are defending and attacking change every spherical. The group that efficiently transports the cargo or escorts it the farthest wins the whole match.

Maps obtainable in Escort Mode embody Circuit Royal, Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, Route 66, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Finest Hero composition for Escort Mode in Overwatch 2

1) Zarya + Pharah + Reaper + Mercy + Zenyatta

Heroes in Combination One (image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Heroes in Mixture One (picture through Blizzard Leisure)

Tank: Zarya

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Harm: Pharah and Reaper

Assist: Mercy and Zenyatta

The above mixture focuses extra on protection in Overwatch 2. Mercy could heal Pharah as she is attacking opponents from above as a result of each can fly. It may be difficult to defeat any of them so long as they each preserve going.

Zarya and Reaper play on the aggressive aspect. Whereas Zarya is in command, Reaper strikes ahead. She will be able to protect him, permitting him to strike extra powerfully than ordinary. In the meantime, because the enemy tries to cease him, Zarya’s protect will take the harm and strengthen her, serving to each of them. With the assistance of Zenyatta orbs of Concord and Discord, the group turns into very highly effective to counter.

2) Roadhog + Genji + Echo + Ana + Mercy

Heroes in Combination Two (image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Heroes in Mixture Two (picture through Blizzard Leisure)

Tank: Roadhog

Harm: Genji and Echo

Assist: Ana and Mercy

This mixture additionally focuses on protection. Genji on the offensive aspect is deadly along with his lethal shurikens. Moreover, he possesses a sword sprint that delivers harm and recharges itself if he kills somebody. He additionally has double bounce and wall climbing skills, which assist him to get to the excessive grounds and place himself completely. With Ana on his aspect, he can heal from distant.

Roadhog is a good tank in Overwatch 2 and might handle on his personal. Nevertheless, with the assistance of Mercy’s therapeutic, resurrecting, and strengthening, he turns into invincible. With Echo delivering deadly blows and sticky explosives, the group turns into an ideal definition of chaos.

3) Reinhardt + Genji + Sojourn + Kiriko + Moira

Heroes in Combination Three (image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Heroes in Mixture Three (picture through Blizzard Leisure)

Tank: Reinhardt

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Harm: Genji and Sojourn

Assist: Kiriko and Moira

This mixture focuses extra on the assault. In Overwatch 2, Reinhardt being the tank holds the payload along with his defensive skills, and with the melee-based assaults, he can negate close-range enemy assaults. Moira can use her biotic powers to heal friendlies and assault foes primarily based on the state of affairs, and Sojourn can combat within the entrance line together with her Speedy-fire machine gun.

Genji and Kiriko can flank enemies, as each of them can play aggressively. Genji can get in a very good place and assault enemies whereas receiving therapeutic in addition to cowl from Kiriko’s kunai to wreck enemies and hit important blows.

4) Zarya + Hanzo + Echo + Lucio + Zenyatta

Heroes in Combination Four (images via Blizzard Entertainment)
Heroes in Mixture 4 (photographs through Blizzard Leisure)

Tank: Zarya

Harm: Hanzo and Echo

Assist: Lucio and Zenyatta

The above mixture is the very best in protection. In Overwatch 2, Zarya is a superb tank that focuses on offense. Though she travels slowly, she offers numerous harm. Lucio can marvelously assist her, notably along with his Crossfade, Amp it Up, and Sound Barrier will increase. As Lucio strikes rapidly as properly, he could observe Zarya and pursue a variety of opposing gamers.

The hardest duo to take care of is Hanzo and Echo. The employment of Tri-Shot and Sticky Bombs by Echo repeatedly deal extreme harm whereas additionally sporting out the enemy Tanks, and Hanzo could uncover foes and ship important harm from a distance. Zenyatta can cowl them with orbs of concord and even put on down the enemy with Discord orb. They will break the enemy’s push and might cease them from advancing ahead.

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5) Orisa + Widowmaker + Reaper + Brigitte + Zenyatta

Heroes in Combination Five (image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Heroes in Mixture 5 (picture through Blizzard Leisure)

Tank: Orisa

Harm: Widowmaker and Reaper

Assist: Brigitte and Zenyatta

It is a defense-focused mixture. Orisa is a strong Tank in Overwatch 2. She is absolutely robust and might maintain her personal. Together with her Javelin Spin, she will be able to fend off enemies whereas additionally deflecting incoming harm and melee assaults.

Because of her fortification, she acquires extra well being, takes much less harm general, and isn’t inclined to being shocked or staggered. Together with the very best supporting duo, Brigitte and Zenyatta-Orisa can change into much more offensive. Zenyatta is an offensive assist hero and with Brigitte supporting him, he can use her harm orbs with ease.

Widowmaker is a superb harm hero in Overwatch 2 and might do a substantial amount of harm from afar. Reaper can push the broken enemy and end him off along with his close-range shotguns as his wraith means makes him invincible.

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