5 best grenade spots on Dust 2 map in CS:GO

Ever because the inception of CS: GO again in 2012, it has been developed and refined into a complete new recreation, retaining the core mechanics intact.

Whereas the core mechanics of CS: GO are dictated by the precision and decision-making of when and the place to take gunfights on a map, one of the vital enablers of these mechanics are the grenades used within the recreation.

Mud 2 is a direct descendant of Mud, the ever-popular map from Counter-Strike. Whereas Counter-Strike 1.6 was nonetheless in play, Mud 2 was created as a extra refined and revamped model of its predecessor. Shortly sufficient, it turned the most well-liked map on-line and stays, to at the present time, one of many most-played map amongst first-person shooter fanatics world wide.


What are the highest spots to throw grenades in CS: GO map Mud 2?

For the reason that revamp of Mud 2 again in 2017, a few of the hottest grenade line-ups within the recreation had been modified. On this article, we’ll advocate the highest 5 grenade spots on the Mud 2 map in CS: GO. These are 5 areas the place you are prone to win extra matches and get rid of extra enemies in the event you time the grenades properly.

5. In the direction of A Lengthy

A long flash line-up
A protracted flash line-up

Ranging from the T (terrorist) Spawn, the pathway lead by an arched gateway that leads the terrorists in the direction of the A Website is named the A Lengthy. New or grassroots-level gamers are likely to rush in the direction of the place with none utilization of grenades. Nevertheless, on the increased echelons {and professional} degree, a dry peek will merely be met with terminal punishment.

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So, as a way to safely peek at A Lengthy to scope for some actual property from the counter-terrorists, the terrorists should first throw a flashbang whereas operating from T Spawn in the direction of A Lengthy. This not solely flashes the enemy but additionally retains your teammates from getting flashed, which permits a easy transition of getting into A Lengthy.

4. Smoking off CT cross

Even when terrorists take management of A Lengthy, they nonetheless must cross the CT (counter-terrorist) Spawn as a way to get into the A Website. Whereas one can merely run the space, this can be very harmful. Anyone holding the angle from CT Spawn will get a wide-angle of imaginative and prescient as they will catch any passerby within the act of crossing.


So, as a way to safe the cross, a participant merely wants to face beside the barrels and throw a operating smoke as proven within the video.

3. New Automotive molly

For the reason that revamp of Mud in CS: GO, the brand new automobile place has been notoriously exploited by gamers because it gives delicate cowl the place the gamers getting into from A Lengthy can not see the participant.

So, clearing out this place is without doubt one of the most vital issues to do earlier than taking or retaking Bombsite A. It will possibly simply be cleared by lining up a Molotov or Incendiary Grenade from A Lengthy.

If the CS: GO participant stands on the lengthy barrel and throws a Molotov lined up precisely as proven within the image under, they will simply unfold hearth within the new automobile place, flushing out the hidden participant. The participant simply wants to leap and throw the Molotov and let it do its magic.

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New Car molly line up
New Automotive molly line up

2. T Spawn to A Quick smoke

To ensure that gamers to cross the A Quick on Mud 2 map in CS: GO, they have to first smoke off the catwalk in order that the opposition gamers can not catch a whiff of the gamers crossing by. With the intention to do this, first, the gamers must get into the place as proven within the image under.

T Spawn corner for A Short smoke
T Spawn nook for A Quick smoke

Then the CS: GO participant should line up the crosshair as proven on this image and make a soar throw to successfully smoke off the enemy’s imaginative and prescient.

Line up for A Short smoke
Line up for A Quick smoke

1. Mid to B smoke

If a CS: GO participant needs to go to Bombsite B under the overhanging arch, there’ll at all times be gamers able to greet them with bullets from each B and CT Spawn. With the intention to nullify the possibilities of getting shot from CT Spawn, the gamers should first soar onto the pallet after which the field.

Position for CT smoke
Place for CT smoke

Then the CS: GO gamers should line up their crosshairs on this actual place.

Line up for CT smoke
Line up for CT smoke

After lining up, all of the CS: GO gamers must do is soar and throw the smoke grenade. It can utterly smoke off the counter-terrorists residing in CT Spawn, forcing them to return out of the shadows as a way to cease the terrorists from getting into.

There are a number of different areas that gamers can attempt within the recreation as properly.

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