5 best characters for Kagura’s verity in Genshin Impact

Part II banners for Genshin Influence 3.2 are not a secret. HoYoverse officers have launched a preview web page for the second half, revealing all of the upcoming banners within the present patch.

Builders have confirmed that one of many 5-star weapons to be featured is Kagura’s Verity. The 5-star Catalyst is a good DPS possibility for characters who can deal tons of injury by their Elemental Talent.

Having a low-skill cooldown is vital to taking full benefit of its passive means. The next article will define the highest 5 catalyst customers which are finest suited to Kagura’s Verity in Genshin Influence.

Genshin Influence: Prime 5 Catalyst characters to make use of Kagura’s Verity

5) Shikanoin Heizou

The 4-star Anemo is more capable than you think (Image via HoYoverse)
The 4-star Anemo is extra succesful than you suppose (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Kagura’s Verity is a powerful possibility for Shikanoin Heizou in Genshin Influence. With the 5-star catalyst, Heizou could be constructed to deal copious quantities of non-public Anemo injury. Needless to say whereas gaining stacks in Heizou can be tough, he can make the most of the excessive base ATK and Crit DMG from the beginning.

Equipping a 4-piece Viridescent Venerer on him will shred enemies’ elemental resistance. Therefore, close by occasion members of various parts may deal further injury whereas staying off the sphere.

4) Klee

One of the oldest 5-star Catalyst damage dealer (Image via HoYoverse)
One of many oldest 5-star Catalyst injury supplier (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Klee is likely one of the oldest characters in Genshin Influence. She can also be the primary 5-star Catalyst DPS to be launched. Even after falling from the meta groups, she has the potential to deal explosive private injury if outfitted with Kagura’s Vertiy.

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The 5-star Catalyst could be thought-about one of many best-in-slot weapons for Klee. At constellation 0, she will use her Elemental Talent twice to achieve two stacks from Kagura’s passive at the beginning of each rotation. Her major supply of injury comes from her Burst, nevertheless, with Kagura’s passive, she will enhance her general DPS output.

3) Nahida

Latest 5-star addition to Catalyst users for Dendro (Image via HoYoverse)
Newest 5-star addition to Catalyst customers for Dendro (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Nahida (additionally referred to as the Dendro Archon) is the most recent to reach amongst 5-star Catalyst customers in Genshin Influence. Nahida has a low cooldown on her elemental talent compared to different 5-star Catalysts. Her faucet model has a five-second cooldown, whereas her maintain model of Elemental Talent takes six seconds.

Kagura’s Verity is a aggressive possibility for Nahida in each on-field and off-field playstyle. This on-field playstyle permits her to simply receive full stacks in her second rotation.

Nahida’s off-field playstyle, however, will reap fewer advantages from the Catalyst weapon. Nonetheless, she is going to nonetheless deal excessive injury numbers by equipping the 5-star Kagura’s Verity in Genshin Influence.

2) Lisa

F2P Electro 4-star can handle Kagura's Verity better than others (Image via HoYoverse)
F2P Electro 4-star can deal with Kagura’s Verity higher than others (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Kagura’s Verity is Lisa’s premium best-in-slot weapon for private injury in Genshin Influence. Like Nahida, her Elemental Talent additionally has a tap-and-hold model. With a cooldown of 1 second on her faucet model, Lisa can simply achieve all stacks from Kagura’s verity to exponentially enhance her subsequent talent injury alongside along with her private injury.

With the introduction of latest elemental reactions comparable to Unfold and Irritate, many Electro characters, together with Lisa, are lastly getting their very own meta groups. With a 4-piece Thundering Fury and a great Irritate group, Lisa positive factors innate synergy with the artifact set and Kagura’s Verity.

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This enables for low setup time and elevated uptime on Kagura’s passive in Genshin Influence.

1) Yae Miko

Kagura's Verity is tailor-made for her (Image via HoYoverse)
Kagura’s Verity is tailored for her (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Kagura’s Verity is the signature weapon to dovetail with Yae Miko’s equipment. As a signature weapon, it is the strongest possibility in any rotation in Genshin Influence.

Yae Miko may use her signature weapon to deal injury each as an on-field and off-field Electro DPS. In constellation 0, she has three prices to deploy Electro totems on the sphere.

Therefore, all stacks of Kagura Dance of the Sacred Sakura could be gained in a single rotation. The passive stack’s impact can even final the complete period of her Elemental Talent’s Tenko Thunderbolts.

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