5 best cards for the Phoenix Launch Party Challenge in Clash Royale

The Phoenix Launch Celebration is the newest problem in Conflict Royale. It permits gamers to check out the brand new Phoenix card and earn unique rewards whereas doing so.

To acquire rewards like chests, magic gadgets, playing cards, gold, gems, and battle banner tokens, gamers should construct a powerful eight-card deck using the Phoenix card and win as many battles as doable. To assemble a potent match deck, gamers can select any card from Widespread to Champion.

This text lists the 5 greatest playing cards for the Phoenix Launch Celebration problem in Conflict Royale.

Notice: This text is solely subjective and solely displays the opinions of the author

Hog Rider, Wizard, and three different playing cards for the Phoenix Launch Celebration problem in Conflict Royale

1) Wizard


Price: 5 Elixir

Injury: 373

Hitpoints: 955

Gamers can unlock the Wizard as soon as they’ve superior to Area 4 in Conflict Royale.

Due to its excessive injury, the Wizard is a powerful help troop that can be utilized with playing cards like Hog Rider, Darkish Prince, and Mega Knight. Moreover, it may be utilized to halt an enemy’s swarm military from advancing on towers.

The Wizard is among the greatest anti-air playing cards to make use of within the Phoenix Launch Celebration problem, due to its adaptability and space injury expertise. Collectively, Wizards, Ice Wizards, and Electro Wizards can rapidly destroy enemy troops and towers.

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2) Electro Wizard

Price: 4 Elixir

Injury: 290

Hitpoints: 944

The Electro Wizard is among the most interesting splash injury troop playing cards in Conflict Royale. Gamers can get hold of it as soon as they attain Area 8.

The Electro Wizard is a unit with a number of targets and potent damaging talents. Within the Phoenix Launch Celebration problem, it might probably decelerate an opponent’s troops, making it an efficient counter to playing cards with excessive injury.

The Electro Wizard can defend Valkyrie, Mini Pekka, and Mega Knight from single-target playing cards like Inferno Dragon, Mighty Miner, and Inferno Tower. It may be used with playing cards like Musketeer to sort out air troops.

3) Goblin Barrel


Price: 3 Elixir

Injury: 159

Hitpoints: 267

Gamers can unlock the Goblin Barrel, probably the greatest spell playing cards in Conflict Royale, after they advance to Area 3.

Three goblins will cost the sufferer as quickly because the Goblin Barrel is positioned on the battlefield. The cardboard boasts excessive injury and hitpoints. It may be utilized by gamers to knock down towers.

The Goblin Barrel is nice towards playing cards like Miner and Hog Rider. As quickly because the enemy makes use of one among its low-elixir counter-attack playing cards, resembling Spirits, Log, or Zap, gamers ought to use the Goblin Barrel to assault towers.

4) Mega Knight


Price: 7 Elixir

Injury: 355

Hitpoints: 5280

The Mega Knight is among the most beloved Legendary playing cards in Conflict Royale, due to its potential to rapidly eradicate waves of opposing troops. As a consequence of its big hitpoint rely, gamers can use the cardboard to cease their opponents from pushing inward.

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Help playing cards like Electro Wizard and Valkyrie can be utilized to guard the Mega Knights from swarm playing cards. Gamers must also make use of low-elixir help models like Spirit, Zap, and Log when utilizing Mega Knight.

5) Hog Rider

Price: 4 Elixir

Injury: 421

Hitpoints: 228

The Hog Rider is among the greatest constructing goal playing cards in Conflict Royale. It has the ability to severely hurt the towers of the opposition.

The Hog Rider is vulnerable to troop playing cards because it instantly targets the infrastructure of the opposition. Gamers must pair it with help playing cards just like the Wizard to sort out swarm troops.

The mix of Valkyrie and Hog Rider can be nice for an offensive push. Valkyrie can defend Hog Rider from waves of floor infantry. To extend the injury to an adversary’s tower, Rage can be employed along side a Hog Rider push.

Within the Phoenix Launch Celebration problem, gamers can make use of the Hog Rider with the Phoenix card.

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