5 best cards for December’s Classic Challenge in Clash Royale

Conflict Royale gamers can tackle the weekly Basic Problem for an opportunity to win rewards like Gold, Playing cards, and Magic Gadgets. They will take part by spending 10 Gems.

Earlier than beginning the Basic Problem, gamers should assemble an eight-card deck utilizing unlocked playing cards. They need to attempt to construct a robust deck to dominate as many matches as they will.

The Basic Problem is described as follows within the sport:

“Every win in a Problem will improve your closing prize. The problem is over at 12 wins or three losses!”

This text takes a have a look at the 5 finest playing cards for Conflict Royale’s Basic Problem in December 2022.

Word: This text is subjective and solely displays the opinions of the author

Mega Knight, Hog Rider, and three different playing cards for the Basic Problem in Conflict Royale this December

1) Mega Knight

Value: 7 Elixir

Harm: 355

Hitpoints: 5280

Mega Knight is likely one of the few Conflict Royale playing cards that gives splash harm. This makes it very efficient in opposition to playing cards that deploy swarm troops, corresponding to Skeleton Military and Spear Goblins.

Mega Knight can be utilized as a counterattack tank troop card together with Wizard as a consequence of its excessive hitpoints and good harm output.

Gamers can use help playing cards like Goblin Gang, Arrows, Zap, and Log alongside Mega Knight.

2) Hog Rider


Value: 4 Elixir

Harm: 421

Hitpoints: 228

Hog Rider is likely one of the finest playing cards in Conflict Royale. It might probably simply destroy enemy towers within the Basic Problem.

Hog Rider is susceptible to troop playing cards as a result of it focuses on the opponent’s buildings. Because of this, it ought to be used together with help playing cards like Wizards and Valkyries.

Witch and Hog Rider type a strong combo for a push. Hog Rider can be shielded from hordes of floor troopers by Wizards and Valkyries.

3) Valkyrie

Value: 4 Elixir

Harm: 354

Hitpoints: 2641

Valkyrie, which offers space harm to the opposition’s floor troops, is likely one of the best Uncommon playing cards for the Basic Problem in Conflict Royale. Low-elixir troop playing cards that can be utilized with Valkyrie embody Goblin Gang, Skeleton Military, Spear Goblins, and Goblin Barrel.

Valkyrie ought to be utilized as a help unit alongside Royal Large, Golem, and Pekka. The cardboard employs an axe that assaults opposing troopers and defenses from all sides. It can be used as a Mini Tank card as a result of it may simply cope with opposing troops and start a counteroffensive in opposition to the enemy tower.

4) Wizard


Value: 5 Elixir

Harm: 373

Hitpoints: 955

Wizard is a strong anti-air card that offers widespread harm to opposing troops and towers. It may be accessed as soon as gamers attain Area 4 in Conflict Royale.

Attributable to its sturdy harm output, Wizard is an efficient help troop to mix with playing cards like Hog Rider, Mega Knight, Valkyrie, and Pekka.

Wizard can be used to halt the advance of an enemy’s swarm military, such because the Minion Horde or Skeleton Military. It is likely one of the finest anti-air playing cards to make use of within the Basic Problem due to its flexibility.

5) Pekka


Value: 7 Elixir

Harm: 1081

Hitpoints: 4982

Pekka is certainly one of Conflict Royale’s strongest troop playing cards and will be acquired by gamers as soon as they attain Area 4. It may be used with help playing cards like Wizard, Musketeer, Witch, Electro Wizard, and Skeleton Military.

Pekka can be employed as a robust defensive card to cease an opponent’s pressure’s development. To guard it from swarm playing cards like Goblin Gang, Spear Goblins, Barbarians, Minions, and Skeleton Military, gamers should help Pekka with spell playing cards like Fireball, Arrows, Zap, and Log.

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