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5 anime characters strong enough to beat Saitama

Saitama was discovered in One Punch Man in 2009 and is considered to be one of the most powerful figures in the world of shons. One of his blows can be felt on the other side of the earth, just that. However, there are even more powerful characters in the manga world. Creatures with incomprehensible power that they don’t necessarily abuse.

zen’ô / Dragon Ball Super

In short, Zen’ô is none other than the king of 12 Dragon Ball Super-universes. Despite his childlike appearance and his way of speaking, which is also comparable to a child, this being is a monster of power. If we believe in Beerus, the god of the destruction of universe 7, Zen’ô would have destroyed 6 universes in a bad mood without forcing them. Invulnerable to the vast majority of the beings in the license, the only character who can potentially defeat him is himself, at least some version from the past or the future. So, to put it simply, Zen’ô could simply make Saitama’s planet disappear without forcing it.

Ryuk / Death Note

Ryuk can be seen in the Death Note manga and is none other than a Shinigami. This God, who lives peacefully in the world of the gods of death, can recognize the name and life expectancy of every human being. Thanks to his Death Note, his Death Note book, he can kill anyone at will. He can only be killed if he writes the name of someone who, by dying, would prolong the hope of another person for whom the Shinigami has affection or love. By simply entering Saitama’s first and last name, Ryuk could kill him any way he wanted.

yu kaito / Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Kaito, the villain of the Yu Yu Hakusho manga, is a particularly intelligent clairvoyant. Within a radius of 10 meters, it regulates the rules and dictates its law. Two taboos are king: the taboo of aggression, which makes it possible to forbid all violence by exposing an impenetrable barrier to every act of violence, and the taboo of language, thanks to which one can erase letters. or words of the alphabet that make them taboo (whoever speaks them loses his soul). Unfortunately for Saitama, his success depends on his strength. His soul should therefore come into the hands of Yu Kaito.

Baraggan Louisenbairn

Defeated by the evil Hachigen Ushōda, Baraggan Louisenbairn is none other than the Espada, which depicts the aspect of death in relation to aging over time. His unique skills allow him to manipulate time at will. He can thus accelerate his movements when he attacks or slows down those of his opponents. But his most memorable achievement is his ability to age a person’s body by touching it. In this way he can turn everyone to dust, including a surprised Saitama.

Though Saitama is capable of pulverizing his enemies with a single blow, his strength is nothing compared to that of Arale Norimaki, Android featured in the manga Dr. Slump was found. Norimaki is able to break the earth and moon in half and send people to Mars. He can also run at Mach 1.5, solve very complicated equations, but still retains a childish naivety. Regardless, it is hard to believe that Saitama can defeat such a powerful being.


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