47 photos that show us how extraordinary the athletes are


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which started on July 23rd and ends on August 8th, are an opportunity for the world’s greatest athletes to compete against each other, to represent their country, to surpass themselves, but also an amazing one for all spectators Show. In this article we invite you to discover a selection of 47 photos that prove that the athletes are exceptional.

# 1 difference in size between an Olympic swimmer and an Olympic gymnast

# 2 The leg of ex-cycling world champion Janez Brajkovic after a race

# 3 What ski jumping athletes see before they get started

# 4 Weightlifter Janos Baranyai’s right arm after tearing ligaments and muscles under the weight of the barbell

# 5 The view from a height of 10m

# 6 An athlete thing

# 7 a 10,000 calorie meal

“I stretch to prepare for my 10,000 calories. Show your best pose. “

# 8 A gymnast’s radio in full power

# 9 GymnaSte Nadia Comaneci’s legs at age 14

# 10 gymnasts training on the Karolyis Olympic training ground

# 11 The hands of the Olympic swimming champion Van Der Weijden after swimming 163 km

# 12 A gymnast thing

# 13 Russian Olympic athletes Alexander Volkov (volleyball) and Seda Tutkhalyan (gymnast)

# 14 Olympic abs

# 15 Apparently, Spider-Man also competes in the Olympics

# 16 A cyclist’s legs after sixteen stages of the Tour de France

# 17 A cyclist’s leg

# 18 This is how tall the American fencer Miles Chamley-Watson is

# 19 A swimmer thing

# 20 An Olympic runner’s leg

# 21 German cyclist Robert Forstemann and New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson

“You thought Greipal had big legs. Today was a quadrupal competition in the German camp. Greipal has lost. “

# 22 The feet of Dutch Olympic champion Maarten Van Der Weijden after swimming 163 km in 55 hours to raise money for cancer research

# 23 First pitch for the Houston Astros

# 24 Olympic cycling champion Robert Forstemann (right) shows a frightening 74cm thigh

# 25 wellness routine for an athlete

# 26 A runner’s leg

# 27 Simone Biles, 1.46 m Olympic gymnast next to Shaq, 2.16 m.

# 28 Nothing could be more normal athlete hands

# 29 The hands of an Olympic rower

“My hands after spending so long with wet gloves on. The blisters weren’t bad at that polar race, but the moisture seeped into the skin …”

# 30 The Tour de France is coming

“Looks like the Tour de France is coming”

# 31 Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz becomes the Philippines’ first ever Olympic gold medalist

“Look at the hands that got the Filipina onto the podium. Diaz says there are other injuries that you can’t see.”

# 32 Simone Biles with Lebron James

# 33 Michael Phelps after cupping therapy

# 34 Two Dutch gymnasts

# 35 Annemiek Van Vleuten crashed while leading the Rio 2016 race

“Thank you for all of your messages. Difficult to deal with my disappointment, but also very proud of our performance.”

# 36 Height difference between gymnast Simone Biles and American volleyball player David Lee

“The difference in altitude for athletes does not matter, depending on the sport. 2m07 & 1m46”

# 37 Normal athlete thighs

# 38 Gymnasts alongside basketball players

# 39 Stretching is very important

# 40 Recovery is just as important as exercising

# 41 Full shave before a swimming competition

# 42 A cupping therapy session

# 43 one hell of a block of ice to cool the muscles off

# 44 The Dutch track cyclist Laurine Van Riessen drives the track wall at the Olympic Games in Rio

# 45 After setting the track on fire, he takes something with him

# 46 When you spend all of your days driving VS when you retire

# 47 A skier who was finally able to heal her knee after years of skiing with pain

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