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47 craft projects that are real failures

Are you not a craftsman? Good thing you’re not the only one! As you can see in the pictures below, some are really not made for manual labor …

47 repairs completely mixed up

On the Internet, it is possible to find real nuggets in DIY. Some of them are literally stupid while others border on misunderstood genius. In any case, we have decided to put them together for you so that you enter the universe of those who should never touch a hammer in their life!

1) Can we still think of it as a Crocs now?

2) A solution that we hope is only temporary …

3) A piece of sandwich bread covered with cement as a coaster

4) We have never had this console before!

5) chicken + crab + sausage = scorpion?

6) Difficult to use after your kids decide to play with it …

7) Special “lack of affection” gear lever

8) a minimalist stick

9) A skilled craftsman I think …

10) How To Have Fun With False Teeth

11) Then what’s the point of having a garage?

12) Um … stupid or great? You have 3 hours.

13) We need to be sure to end it now!

14) Who has never dreamed of “Patrick” rims?

15) Cockroach Paw False Eyelashes For Sale

16) fear …

17) A state of the art guitar pick

18) a garden fence with false doors

19) an ecological scooter

20) We are sure that the actor is very touched by the tribute …

21) a cat door

22) A Babybel candle

23) A Christmas tree if you don’t have a tree …

24) Calmos are hand-painted ants

25) We can already see the pranks coming!

26) Taking your time at the table is nice, but certainly not very practical …

27) Shame we missed it for Halloween!

28) No comment

29) it doesn’t have to be easy to clean

30) We immediately feel more comfortable …

31) Please remind me of the usefulness of shoes

32) Poor Barbie and Ken …

33) Difficult to carry, but 10/10 for tech!

34) How do you open the door now?

35) a nice find

36) Didn’t we use the glue gun a little on this paperweight?

37) For large buttocks …

38) If you like land, but also inline skating …

39) he really wanted window reflections on his wall

40) An “artisanal” mailbox

41) Never lose the remote control again

42) Vegetable Repair

43) Could remove the bar too, right?

44) it actually contrasts with the decor

45) the little wall from China

47) Dirty Seals, Here’s the Solution!


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