45 times it didn’t go as planned (part 2)

Mistakes happen. Due to a lack of inattention, thoughtlessness or even concentration, they affect both our personal and our professional life. However, it sometimes happens that these flaws are made visible to all on the Internet, on the go or even in the factory and then sold in stores. And thanks to the r / onejob subreddit, it is possible to uncover many of these bugs that have been discovered over the years. The opportunity for us to share a second part of it with you to prove to you that mistakes are commonplace.

1) A logo is missing a priori

2) not sure the straps are useful

3) “Do not touch the bread with your hands, please use your tongue”

4) a potato in a bag of fries

5) a toothless fork

6) a bolt that does not move

7) the famous Australian bananas

8) a possibly sick fox

9) “no face, no entry” … one word is missing

10) when a Halo logo invites itself onto the BBC set

11) the beautiful failure of the evergreen cargo ship

12) “Diarrhea Impossible To Eat”

13) a failed puzzle

14) “don’t pull, just push”, also vice versa

15) well integrated crafting

16) when the customer accepts the orders

17) Fashion is always changing

18) “When is next Friday the 13th?” – “Thursday the 13th 2021”

19) earrings for “friends”

20) Breastfeeding masks are not an essential product

21) bad hole

22) A letter is missing and the world is out of order

23) surprise

24) when a cheeseburger becomes a tartar sauce

25) “ice cream”

26) “do not bend”

27) a guardrail worthy of the greatest architects

28) Another email was sent too quickly

29) “Bunch of Asian Vegetables”

30) to the ophthalmologist

31) If you can read it while driving, you have been drinking too much

32) “free covid”

33) SOPT

34) optimal evacuation

35) the nail clipper for cutting?

36) the exit to the Antichrist

37) mrci

38) “Lesbian Dating Apps”

39) when the price covers the hole in the straw

40) a “cake”

41) it’s almost like that

42) start the day in a bad mood

43) bread on one side but not good

44) a section to be checked

45) “marry me, are you going”

And if you want to prolong the fun, do not hesitate to discover or rediscover the first part of this epic where things did not go as planned.

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