45 fails in interior design and sticky architecture (part 2)


Whether it is interior design or architecture, there are some who have really gotten off on the wrong foot or are far – if not very far – from the standards required to practice. IF sometimes the person in question competes in ingenuity – as we’ve seen with these 35 examples of public toilets – there are other times when they just can’t. Illogical, useless, inoperative, even dangerous, you will not risk being disappointed with the “creations” we have selected for you thanks to the miracles on the Twitter account “Cursed Architecture” (literally: cursed architecture). And we quickly understand why such a name was given. Tremble, poor mortals, at the infamy that would make any architect worthy of the name sweat.

a beautiful tribute to the worst

Rest assured, you don’t have to be a professional or have an appetite for architecture and interior design to appreciate what you are about to see. After an equally fun initial pick, you’ll find real traps for kids, stairs that lead nowhere, or even toilets in the middle of the living room, there’s something for everyone! Without further ado, let’s let you enjoy these great mistakes.

# 1 What are these steps for?

# 2 this one had the wrong tip

# 3 the definition of “underfloor heating”?

# 4 sink or bathroom?

# 5 one Parisian apartment among many others

# 6 after exertion, comfort

# 7 stairs for cockroaches

# 8 Turkish or classic toilets?

# 9 anti-ventilation design

# 10 “it’s okay”

House number 11 for agile

# 12 too much minimalism kills minimalism

# 13 the music loving plumber

# 14 an earthquake and it’s over

# 15 the new iron throne?

# 16 when you take your job way too seriously

# 17 better not to feel dizzy

Utility # 18: Zero

# 19 we were almost there!

# 20 chose the worst Labiryns in the world

# 21 when the DIY goes too far

# 22 pull press

# 23 watch out for fall

# 24 most dangerous stairs in the world

# 25 What was the architect planning to do back then?

# 26 Nice, but a ladder would be more effective

# 27 “Error is not an option” #payetonserrurier

# 28 Sink or Nidoizo?

# 29 It appears that a secret passage is hidden under this camouflage

# 30, when we tell you “this doesn’t get any further”

# 31 “Press the red button to exit the menu”

# 32 this man has a foolproof composure

# 33 when you want to stand out

# 34 if you confuse the table and the refrigerator

# 35 “beautifully furnished studio, 9 m2, 750 euros / month without fees”

# 36 “Nidoking! Earthquake!”

# 37 stairs for cats?

# 38 it looks like a decor of the first resident evil

# 39 drink or drive, you have to choose

# 40 As useful as a phone booth these days

# 41 if you want to go straight to the last world without quitting the game

# 42: League master level

# 43 a truly sublime tapestry

# 44 The soul of the pool is still here

# 45 How could a car end up in this situation?