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45 Easter Eggs And Secret Messages To Discover In Your Daily Life

Easter eggs don’t just appear in movies or video games. Sometimes we also find it in our daily life for unexpected reasons. Discovering them then gives the satisfaction of being special and having picked up a reference or message that few people before us had understood.

1) Han Solo seems to be calling for help

2) This golf course is shaped like a pizza

3) It’s pretty straight forward … be careful, duck!

4) A Canadian $ 20 bill lasered

5) Matthew Flinders isn’t the only thing in this photo …

His cat is hiding behind him!

6) “Nothing happened on this side on September 5th, 1782”

7) Message from Puma: “Wash it when it’s dirty”

8) “The Easiest Limbo Game Ever”

9) A hotel for lovers

10) Salespeople really think of everything

11) Patrick makes traffic

12) “Drinking our coffee can give you superpowers”

13) a challenge to get it right

14) MJ, an icon even in the parks

15) Batman watches over the city

16) Woody and Buzz are still in big trouble …

17) Where’s Charlie?

18) Nintendo thanks you for purchasing this controller

19) iPhone 12 box looks like an old iPod


21) Message on the back of my pizza box: “If you can read this, you’ve ruined your pizza”

22) “Stop looking at my bum.”

23) Master of Easter Eggs

24) How sad …

25) One house can hide another

26) These glasses show the manufacturer’s logo when they are cleaned

27) Pac-Man even on the train

28) “Made in Hell”

29) “Showering with a Friend”

30) Mario and Luigi in the strip club

31) These two guitars overlap perfectly

32) Made Another Garment … IN HELL!

33) if even fate tells you to eat more fruit

34) This bottle invites you to play these numbers in the lottery

35) Happy Birthday Garth!

36) “If you’re reading this, you won’t be skateboarding!”

37) The T. Rex Game all over the tracks

38) the perfect blanket for this rocker hotel

39) on the trail of Excalibur

40) If it’s not an Easter egg, I don’t know

41) the Transformers symbol on this tram line

42) This LEGO “Saturn V” box has 1969 parts

43) This hospital is in the shape of a kidney

44) This center for women is number 800B based on the word BOOB (“breast” in French)

45) This cork stopper hides small cubes

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