45 brilliant designs that will brighten your day


While crappy designs happen a lot, some designs are so awesome that they deserve to be highlighted while also making your day more beautiful.

Our engineers have talent

In contrast to the 45 completely failed drafts that engineers came up with in a surprise bag, the following selection invites you to discover absolutely brilliant constructions, illustrations and various designs. Between the public bench on wheels to enjoy the shade 24/7, the suitcase that shows its own weight, and the various magnificent architectures, the following choices will allow you to discover the best that humanity has to offer.

1) World War I Memorial in Vácrátót, Hungary

2) Use nature to create a shady driveway

3) A well-designed card game

4) A bench on a rail to always be in the shade

5) This building in Turin houses 150 trees

6) A scoop of intelligence to avoid waste

7) Dude book covers can be read in all directions

8) a huge iron tree supports the Russian Ministry of Agriculture

9) The water outlet is located directly under the soap dispenser, which prevents the sink from getting dirty

10) This neck is sloped for ease of filling and consumption

11) A large 1888 Victorian Gothic house in Acarta, California

12) Cable storage integrated in the TV

13) a suitcase that measures its own weight

14) A refrigerator with an integrated turntable

15) A puzzle that comes with a stand to hold the box in place

16) A glasses dealer with enough bags

17) Ford’s ad campaign when women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia

18) Art Nouveau architecture, built in the 1880s, Brussels, Belgium

19) Door lock for the elderly. Also suitable for drunk people

20) Clever use of Captain Hook’s arm

21) A design to the point

22) Igloo Hotels in Lapland, Finland

23) a Norwegian restaurant halfway in the sea

24) a magnificent terrace

25) Building in Istanbul, Turkey

26) The front pages of the German magazine Der Spiegel 2017 and 2020

27) Gothic architecture of the Chalice mansion in St. Petersburg, Russia

28) Elven cutlery

29) A sheet showing its importance in making your bed easier

30) A fun slippery floor warning sign

31) The teeth of this bread knife correspond to the silhouette of the main peaks in Switzerland

32) a very stylish wooden chair

33) Royal Mail’s new electric van is the cutest of them all

34) a splendid garden table held by an octopus

35) A Paris office / library that benefits from light and natural architecture

36) A house in the heart of the forest with very natural lighting

37) a dishwasher that projects a timer on the floor

38) a neatly designed exit sign

39) The maintenance technician’s t-shirt is a useful token

40) an umbrella logo that only appears when it is wet

41) A poster for the movie Borat 2

42) a multitasking bottle opener with a fun design

43) Time change in October 2020

44) A basketball court in Pigalle designed by Ill Studio and Nike

45) A pine tree that perfectly sums up 2020

If you liked this article, you will surely like to discover even more clever designs from the advertising world, there are geniuses among us.