42 iconic photos from an angle you’ve never seen before


Photography is an art that often requires a lot of patience, skill, and perseverance to get the ultimate shot successfully. The one who will go down in history with a capital H. However, the story often retains only one photo of a cult moment, or two at most. But there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of others just waiting to reveal “the backdrop” (like this one, which shows you Croki from the Loki series is not what you believe) of one event at a time . So today let’s think a little bit about all those photographers who failed to make history, with 42 iconic photos that, like Poulidor, will forever rank second in photography for cycling.

# 1 TIANANMEN-PLATZ in front of the cult photo (the man in the back left)

# 2 the tail of the sphinx!

# 3 the face of passers-by during 9/11

# 4 charles ebbets shot his famous picture of lunch on top of a skyscraper

The photographer was photographed

# 5 Bob Ross in front of his famous hairstyle

# 6 Prince William does a fuck

# 7 the Beatles before crossing the street

It seems they found work right afterwards.

# 8 the Taj Mahal, side view

# 9 the former ruler of North Korea Kim-il Sung

he had a huge tumor on the back of his head. All of the official photos of him were taken from the other side to hide it.

# 10 the Star Wars Pod Race, larger view

# 11 the back of mona lisa, the mona lisa

# 12 Mount Rushmore, seen from a distance

Nothing to impress Konoha

# 13 Muhammad Ali before Sonny Liston

# 14 The Oscar selfie

Most liked and shared selfie on Instagram for a while

# 15 van gogh with two ears

# 16 another version of the Dallas massacre

# 17 American soldiers embarking for Normandy

# 18 the roof of the Beatles concert in 1969

# 19 the back of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign

# 20 Neil Armstrong’s last meal before the moon

# 21 behind the scenes at seinfeld

# 22 Another point of view of the Protestants on Tiananmen Square

# 23 the Star Wars iv scrolling text

# 24 the statue of liberty seen from above

# 25 the Nevermind Pouch Baby according to the picture

# 26 GEORGE W BUSH IN A SCHOOL before studying for 9/11

# 27 the top of the obelisk on the Washington Monument

# 28 the back of the rosette stone

# 29 the empty interior of the Tower of Pisa

# 30 Martin Luther King’s speech seen from behind

# 31 the sydney opera house seen from above

# 32 the Lincoln Memorial in front of the reflecting pond

# 33 Pizza hut by the pyramids

# 34 at the bohemian Rapsody film studio

# 35 the back of Tutankhamun’s mask

# 36 the Statue of Liberty at the Paris World’s Fair of 1878

# 37 The Armstrong family watch the missile launch

# 38 Spectator reaction after the Shuttle Challenger explosion

# 39 the statue of david that was protected during world war 2

# 40 a climber watching mount st-helen explode from mount adams, 60 kilometers east

# 41 The uncut photo of the man in Tiananmen Square

# 42 Michael Richard in Kramer before entering the stage for the shooting of Seinfeld

And if you’re more into amateur photography, you know that a company buys all the cock pics you get without actually wanting them!